Tortoise & The Hare V.2.

In the next segment of the “Where’s Dany?” saga, I’ll take a look at another team that expressed early interest in Heatley, but due to DDH’s right of refusal, have never made an honest pitch for his services.

STL is a great hockey city, with a long, and recently, tumultuous past.  After years of post season appearances, the Blues have recently found themselves both out of the post season, and until very recently, out of the limelight in a competitive sports market.

The presidency of J.D. has witnessed a small, but critical resurgeance, both in on ice performance, and fan interest.

Many believe STL is due to re-emerge in the west as a perennial post season contender, but they’re not there yet.  They have some intriguing young talent, at several positions, but apart from Kariya, and (IMO) to a lessor extend Tkachuk, the team lacks elite talent combined with experience.

With the potential improvement of the franchises economic standing, it is not surprising that they expressed early interest in acquiring Heatley.

But what do they have to offer that can reach the lofty goals of Murrays expectations?

Here’s my proposed trade;


Heatley (and 4M advance), Picard


E. Johnson, Boyes, Ellar.

Ottawa would do reasonably well on this trade, but it is heavy on “promise” vs. “proven”.  Boyes is a capable top 6 forward, but he’s far from elite, and on this alone STL improves significantly.  The loss of Johnson is no small cost, but with the impressive prospect depth at defense, they can afford his loss.  Ellar represents a decent prospect, and, as a Dane, would fit nicely playing alongside fellow countryman Peter Regin.

Tick-tock Dany.



14 Responses to “Tortoise & The Hare V.2.”

  1. Master of Puppets Says:

    I’m a greedy MF so I ask for a pick as well – 2nd or 3rd rnder.

  2. Hey, don’t ask, don’t get…right?

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  4. Unrealistic guys. C’mon… today’s economic landscape!? St. Louis isn’t gonna give up that much depth for a big fat contract. Even if it’s attached to Dany Heatley. Whatever Murray finally accepts will seem like too little. Get used to this fact. Dont get me wrong…as a Sens quasi-fan I’d love to see this package coming our way. Johnson was a first overall pick. Tons of potential. Boyes is coming into his own…..Ellar…good depth player, maybe more. I’d take that offer in a heartbeat.

  5. gtfo lol…Erik Johnson??? Not a chance in hell, my friend. Not happening. You couldn’t convince Pleau to do Johnson straight up for Heatley if he was your son… No GM in their right mind would do anything but hang up at the mere proposal of that trade you just came up with.

  6. I find it very funny actually the value fans put on their own players from their teams. Maybe your a Blues fan cas, and maybe not. But for a two time 50 goal scorer who also has 181 goals in the last 4 seasons, Heater will command an expensive price. Sure he has a 7.5 mil cap hit, but what is that really, when he pots 40+ goals for you and fills your stands with money paying fans.

    GN has put up a Hypothetical here.

    Forget for a moment the guy may or may not have an ego. His point production is real, and PROVEN.

    Guys being mentioned cost less, and have POTENTIAL.

    Heatley is in his prime at 28.

    BM won`t be able to replace Heatley. That is a fact. Unless teams get serious, Heatley will be a Senator. And it will take players like an Eric Johnson to pull Heatley out of Ottawa (regardless of the fact that Heatley asked for the trade).

    You would be surprised what GM`s would be willing to offer.

    Most of the rumours, if not all of them are bogus. We know that.

    The one deal which was real (now the bar) was with Edm. So, basing everything off of that deal, we can speculate about what other teams might offer that are at least as good, or better.

    Getzky was traded (The Great one!), and no one ever thought that would happen. So, nothing is impossible, nor unthinkable, nor no player untouchable.


  7. Heatley would never waive to go to St.Louis which makes me think, how bad does he really want to leave Ottawa? Because as far as I’m concerned, nobody makes all this fiasco with the possibility of coming back to the city he wants out of. If he wants out so bad he shouldn’t be given the option to choose. Erik Johnson is among many players we should be getting back from a lot of teams interested but unfortunately Heatley is partly driving BM and not in the direction we want

    • Woozle man Says:

      I don’t know; lots of players say they love playing in STL, plus they have a good young team, and will really be pushing for a playoff spot if their key players stay healthy. Maybe Heatley wouldn’t mind playing there.

      Of course, they aren’t a contender, so if that’s a condition of Heatley’s, then forget it.

  8. Master Of Puppets Says:

    While Boyes has shown he knows how to find the net, he doesn’t strike fear in netminders the way Heatley does. I’m pretty sure more than one has left a period having to change his underwear.

    I’m not sold on Erik Johnson being the second coming of Jesus err Ray Bourque either so this proposal is no more far fetched than any of the SJ rumours or the EDM deal for that matter. All depends on whose Kool-Aid you wanna drink – I’ll take mine with a couple of shots of Rum thank you.

    I still stand by my prediction of June 2013 when you might get Ryane Clowe and a 2nd rnd pick for him. Welcome back Dany! Keep your requests to yourself, move your damn feet and keep on scoring.

  9. Sens19.

    Agreed. Heatley’s not going to St. Louis, but assume he would waive, who would you move to get him?


  10. From St.Louis? I think sensay nailed it pretty good. Whatever we get from St.Louis, it has to be centered around either Johnson or TJ Oshie. I like Boyes too, he may not be a Dany Heatley but he can score and he grew up loving Ottawa so you know he’ll play his heart out here 🙂

  11. Little Jon Says:

    Boyes would be great on a second line.

  12. cas, you’re welcome to your opinion, that’s what makes the talk interesting…but obviously, I disagree, lol!
    Oh, and the personal attack that WAS on here…not accpetable, save it for elsewhere, nobody’s interested in smack talk, least of all me. Trust me, the internet is full of places where you’ll be welcomed with open arms, but please, not here.
    If you have something to add, even if it’s disagreement, go to it, I don’t claim to be a GM, but please, for everyones sake, keep it on topic, and not personal.

  13. KJ – I am the definition of a proper Sens fan. Watch every game, yadda yadda yadda… I acknowledge the skill required to pot 180 goals over 4 seasons in the NHL. I acknowledge the box office value a player like Heatley can bring to a franchise. I also acknowledge the total nosedive in Heatley’s game over the past 2 seasons. More importantly, I acknowledge how severely Heatley’s publicizing of his request has hampered Murray’s ability to find anything resemblling equal value.

    MOP – I am relatively familiar with your posts on a variety of websites and I respect your opinion, but I wholeheartedly disagree that the proposed EDM deal is anywhere in the same realm as the STL proposal being discussed: Johnson and Cogliano aren’t in the same universe when it comes to potential AND current performance value; Boyes blows Penner clear out of the water; and Ellar makes Smid look like a piece of dog shit.

    It also seems to me that most of you are underestimating the power of the ELC. In this era of the cap; at this specific moment, the dollar figures on Heatley’s salary are as much of a deterent to GMs as any potential character flaws. We’ll have a much better chance of moving Heatley after this season, regardless of his performance. Once the cap for 2010-11 is known, it will be much easier for GMs to forecast future payroll. Also, several teams on Heatley’s wish list may have slightly more wiggle room than they do at the moment.

    As for Heatley to STL: His idol used to play there, plus they really do have some nice young talent…I wouldn’t rule it out.

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