The Tortoise & The Hare

As this situation with Heatley develops, it is becoming apparent that the teams Heatley most prefers (SJS, LAK) either lack interest in his services, or lack the ability to accommodate Murrays demand for a top 6F/top 4D, player and pick/prospect.

But some teams, whom have been interested in Heatley since the announcement of his availability, remain interested, if not in pursuit of Heatley.

Such teams as FLA, STL, DAL and EDM.

We all know of the EDM saga, and for all of the bluster around having extricated themselves from the Heatley trade, the fact remains that acquiring Heatley would significantly improve their roster, in a very competitive division.

While we wait for a trade, or an announcement from Heatley saying he WILL return, I examine the teams that represent the Tortoises in this Heatley Sweepstakes.

Florida has been dual tracked this summer, between the transferring of ownership, and the re-align of their roster after the departure of fan fav Bouwmeester.

Talk is FLA has expressed interest in Heatley, but Heatley has refused to consider FLA, and as such no formal offers, or even discussions have taken place to date.

After years of struggling, and posting low finishes in the standings, Florida finally finds itself with some decent young talent.  But that is the problem.  Apart from Stillman, the team lacks decent skill & experience to lead the young talent to the next level.

Florida has the cap space to make a move, they have the talent, and the need.  But what they don’t have is instant contender status, which may well be what Heatley is most interested in.

It has been rumoured all summer that Horton is available, and with the recent turmoil around Ballard, it is reasonable to assume he too may be available.

So here’s my OTT/FLA trade proposal.


Heatley, Ruutu.


Horton, Ballard, Matthias

The money works, FLA save 4M up front, and gains both skill and experience.  Ottawa gets their top 6 guy, with term, a top 4 Dman, and saves some cap space, if not actual money (considering the 4M advance).

As the teams on the preferred list prove to be unavailable, maybe, should he truly not wish to return, Heatley will give the nod to teams he previously refused to consider.

I’ll take a look at STL tomorrow.



7 Responses to “The Tortoise & The Hare”

  1. […] SenSay:  The Tortoise & the Hare.  Looking at some of the teams that are “sure bets” and other that aren’t in the Heatly sweepstakes.  I can’t see Heatley agreeing to go to the Panthers.  Didn’t he only want to play for a contender?  Well actually perhaps that’s not true if it’s true that he wanted to go to the Rangers.  […]

  2. GN

    You are being sent down to join EK and Chirpy…placed in abeyence until training camp. You guys are chasing a trade that just isn’t there!

    • Hey ‘Nik,
      Not suggesting it will happen, just musing about what everyone is thinking about.
      I know you feel certain deadline day will be the day Heater moves, but, as I’ve said, I consider that the longest longshot call of them all.

  3. Master of Puppets Says:

    My longshot suggestion is he won’t be traded until just before the draft June 2013 (one season left) if at all. It’s the optimistic side of me that says this. 🙂
    The only circumstances that might get him traded before then are: a) the Sens are more than 4 points out of a playoff spot at any trade deadline or b) some GM takes leave of his senses and offers the so called BM demand and DDH approves of the locale.

    If the Sens are sitting in a playoff spot at the deadline (or within a couple points) and Dany has 35+ goals notched, nay sir Dany won’t be moved.

    Let’s get ready for training camp!

  4. MOP – To me this is realy only just getting interesting. Until this point Heatley, and the teams on his list might have been thinking Murray would cave in and make a trade out of desperation.
    As it grows more and more apparent that this is not the likely out-come of his sticking to his NMC, it is now, in these final weeks before T.C. that Heatley, or one of the teams on his list may make a move.
    I’m not saying this will happen, but, until now, there was sufficient time to believe Murray was just posturing.

  5. Nik, the fact that there has been no official announcement by BM or Heatley yet that his going or staying, means that he could still be traded. As much as you’d love to keep him, he could still be gone come training camp. That whole Friday deadline could have been dreamed up by Chirp or one of his bad sources. IMO we can’t even start speculating on lines etc. until this has been resolved. My guess is that there will be an announcement made about this soon. Hopefully this week.

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