I Hate To Do This…But, When In Rome!

Since it seems nothing is happening on the Heatley front, I thought I’d pass along a rumour I’ve heard a few times now (4x, over the last 3 days), albeit, never directly from a source worth considering reliable.

For those of you who follow Eklund, you may have already stumbled upon this one.

As it happens, for a few days now, ever since the “third team” rumour was introduced, a number of people have informed me that they too have heard some discussion around Philly being in on the Heatley chatter.  But nobody was willing to add any weight to it, and certainly not stand behind its validity.

Then I saw the Ek post.

So, I thought, if for nothing other than sh*ts and giggles, I’ll ass pass along what I’ve been told, with a HUGE caveat, that this has absolutely ZERO credibility behind it.

I’m not passing this off as anything more than discussion fodder, full stop.

O.k, so here’s what was relayed to me, by a few people, who honestly were probably just passing along the same “little birdy” rumour.


Heatley, Picard, Schubert.


Hartnell, Carle, Giroux*

*compensation for the 4M advance.

Even if this was true (it at least passes the preliminary smell test), it still leaves both teams with cap issues, albeit, also with full rosters.  But, as both teams are at or near the cap already, it would not really worsen either teams cap situation either.

My view on this trade rumour.

Heatley would suddenly make Briere a better player, and more worth his salary, while Hartnell would bring an edge to the Sens, similar to that sought from Penner.

With the signing of Pronger, Carles rather hefty salary is suddenly even more difficult to justify, especially considering his recent performances.  But, on the Sens, Carle would provide a skill base much needed, and be more easily justified (should he pan out as hoped).

Shubert and Picard (a known commodity to the Flyers) provide defensive depth, and, in Schubies case, the kinda grind the Flyers like to have an abundance of.

As for Giroux, he would be the equivalent of Cogs from EDM, only younger, but with more potential.  He’s also a product of the ‘Piques, and has a rabid following in the O.G. area.

If I was Murray, I’d do this deal.  It will cost him 4M, and, in many ways, is no better than the EDM package, but if it means the issue is resolved, well, that’s worth something in and of itself.



20 Responses to “I Hate To Do This…But, When In Rome!”

  1. I love it.

    It falls under the same patern that Murray seems to want (top 6 on O, top 4 on D, great prospect) but better. I’ve watched Giroux played for three years in Hull and he’s going to be a star in this league.

    Probably too good to be true though

  2. Woozle man Says:

    Astonishingly, this trade actually works in salary cap terms. If I were Bryan Murray, I’d also do this deal. Giroux and Hartnell make competition for the top 6 fierce as hell, Carle gives us two sets of PP defense (Kuba-Campoli, Lee-Carle). It’s reasonably fair to boot.

    Don’t see Holmgren taking Picard back though, they let him go once already. They might take a flyer (heh) on Schubie-doo, since he’s big & brutish and can skate well. Parting with Hartnell would be difficult, I’m not sure they would be willing to do so. Giroux maybe, since canny trades and years of poor results have produced other young talent (van Riemsdyk, Nodl) ready to challenge for a spot.

    The biggest question for me, though, is that the Flyers would be taking on yet another long-term big money contract. They have to sign a starter for next year, as well as Couburn, Parent, Carcillo. It’s a gamble.

    BUT, if I’m Paul Holmgren, I’m looking at how the East has tightened up. This move would probably mean they win the division, or end up in 4th in the East if Pittsburgh kills it again. Tough call.

  3. Looks like a good deal to me, and I love the idea of Giroux. Too bad Eklund had to post this though, ultimately ensuring it will never, ever happen.

  4. Master of Puppets Says:

    Hmmm. Maybe it’s just me but I’d like to see Ottawa get a middle of the pack pick too. But that might be too greedy. I have no issues with them. Giroux struck me as an energy player. 3rd liner in the Reinprecht/Helm mold. (Claude not Raymond)

    Hartnell with Spezza or Fish/Kovalev would be interesting …

    We’ll see Heatley in the Fall – I wish Murray would come out and say he’s done as in not responding to any calls on Heatley, that he plays for the Senators or else retire. This has to be the biggest crock of horseshit in the history of hockey. I’d say sports but there’s the Kobe and Manny sagas …

  5. Pynch, lol, absolutely! The kiss of death.
    MOP, yeah, a 1st rounder, as further comp for the 4M would make sense to me as well.
    As for the long term deal, yes and no. Both Carle, and Hartnell have longer term deals too, equalling Heatleys yearly cap hit, so that’s almost a wash.
    I’d prefer to see Richards over Hartnell, but beggars….
    I see Giroux being in the Ryder mold, more offense than grind.

  6. Philly are happy little pigs…they think they got a shot…and they do…Danial Briere is who they would like to lose…

    PS: “Big Dan” is all ours till after the Olympics, where he will be a star!

  7. Sens4Life Says:

    I think everyone’s too eager to see a deal done. Whats important is what’s best for Ottawa as a team. Resolving the issue early does not bring back a reasonable Heatley return. By trying to get the issue resolved earlier, the “reasonable return” is lower. I’ve said it all summer long. Wait for the trade deadline, he will play well if he wants to be on team Canada thus we will get him for max value. Disappointed by the lack of patience by sens fans.

  8. S4L,
    I’ll take 1/2 of what your selling, but the deadline part, I just don’t buy. As I’ve said before, in order to sign a player, with a long term deal, a team has to worry about salary tagging going forward. Also, why would a team making a run for the cup trade valueble assets prior to said run? Doesn’t add up, to me.
    I’m more than willing to wait, but I doubt the T.D. represents the time of greatest return…but I’d happily be proven entirely wrong!

  9. S4L: You. sir, are absolutely correct. And a wise man to boot!

    GN: You are wrong on this one as it relates to teams really making a run (specifically teams who have failed standing pat with the status quo) for the Cup. It’s mortgage the future…picks and prospects…discard anyone who is not pulling his weight. If you and about half of Chirpy’s gang can’t see it Bryan Murray and I cannot help you.

    The proof will be instead of Cheechoo, we get “Big Gold”.

    PS: And you thought I was paranoid…I ‘ve had my brain professionally washed! You are dealing with a clean slate here!

  10. I don’t buy it. There is pressure to get rosters set before training camp. Season tickets to sell and what not.

    I agree that the trade deadline could yield more, but if Heatley is still a Sen and is pulling his weight and the Sens are doing well, he won’t be traded (assuming there is nothing else going on nothwithstanding).

    Spezza isn’t sure what is going to happen, but he has been in touch with him more often than anyone else. He implied that if Dany would be back, he would be professional, and busting his ass for the Sens on the Summer Scratches interview yesterday.

    Personally, I would like to see that, because I think the Sens are a better team with Heatley on it.

    It’s too bad that SensChirp’s site has been infected with idiotitis. Some of the anonymous posters there have just made rediculous comments.

    Anyways, I am not in favour of Philly as a trading partner. Mostly because I cannot stand them. 🙂

    But if we were, I would hope BM holds out for Carter +.

    I think the Buffalo trade is by far the best offer so far. But like everyone else, I highly, highly doubt Heatley waives to go Chicken Wing paradise. But, if Captaincy is what he wants, he might find it there. He also knows Ruff a bit.


  11. Well, here’s hoping your right Cunucknik…but I dunno.
    KJ, it’s surprising how resigned fans seem to be in Heater coming back. I’d like to think this is a real possibility, as I, before Heatley demanded a trade, was content with him on the team. He does however have to improve his effort and all around game, IMO.
    I guess, as the beginning of the season approaches, we’ll find out exactly how determined he is to not return.

  12. The spelling GN only one k in Canucnik…

    Remember ya can only put 6 men on the ice at one time and we have 4 of the Best in the league…enjoy!

  13. That is the big question GN. We are still too far away from finding out the real pressure point. If he absolutely wanted out, for no other reason than simply wanting out (whatever the speculated reasoning), he would be an Oiler now. Since, he passed that opportunity up, he and his camp must know that Ottawa would still be one of the options for him, even if it is not his preferred one.

    As we get closer to camp, we’ll see how badly he wants to get out of Ottawa.

    I am not sure I am “resigned” per say. I still honestly believe Ottawa is better with him. Do I think the situation has been mishandled, absolutely. If he really doesn’t want to be here, then yeah, I would like to see him be somewhere he thinks he will be happy. I am a Sens fan through and through now. Team 1st. we don’t need any distractions when it comes down to business in September.

    I just listen to what the players say, and try and pick up on their tone, and Spezza kinda (for me) dropped a hint in his interview yesterday, that Heatley could be back, and if he is, he won’t be a distraction for the players (paraphrasing: “Whatever happens we’re all professionals”).

    Maybe I am wrong, but I just get a feeling an answer is coming soon (before Olypmic Orientation) as to which direction things are going to take …


  14. If something like this happens, Philly’s top 6 are all 30+ goal scorers. Two of them could be 50 goal scorers.

    Pittsburgh is in trouble.

    • I suspect Muray would be leary of making this deal for that very reason Gongshow. It would cost PHI a lot, but, I stil think they would “win” the trade.

  15. Sens4Life Says:

    I’m quite fine with Heatley staying if he dedicates himself to the team and apologizes for the chaos he’s caused. I see what you mean about the salary tagging, but i still believe the best course of action is to wait. If we have a shot at the cup (which i desperately hope we will) then why even trade Heatley? We have him under contract and can trade him whenever considering he allows us to and it’s a team on his beloved “list” provided he still wants to go by then. But if he does want out and we have a good cup run, he will still have good value in the next offseason if he plays like he can and the other teams see that (especially after a cup run and being on an Olympic team).

  16. What do you make of this at Hockey30.com:

    French to English translation:

    According to Team 990, the Ottawa Senators are interested in free agent Robert Lang without compensation.

    According to the radio station in Montreal, Bob Gainey would have made a contract offer to veteran center.

    However, L, Senators would offer much more generous.

    38 Lang scored 18 goals and amassed 21 assists in 50 games in 2009-2010 with the Montreal Canadiens.

  17. http://twitter.com/sensinfo


    Staal, Dubinsky and 1st rounder.

    No Rosival @ 5 mil thx.

  18. A look at the new Olympic Canadian Jersey’s: (to change topic for a moment)


    Pretty nice! A new look on an old classic. Man, I love Canada.


  19. GN,
    Are you hearing anything on the Min front? Two bloggers on hockeybuzz are running with it now after SensChirp brought it up last night.

    What do you think? The names involved definitely pique my interest.


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