Spez-ial Olympics

With the recent off season surgery to Getzlaf, and the retirement of Joe Sakic, Spezza has found himself in possession of a much vaunted invitation to the Team Canada Olympic camp.

Good for you Spez, if for no other reason than to reward you for facing the media just minutes after your having been snubbed.

Does he have a chance to make the team?

Absolutely, but he’ll have to prove he can bring a complete game onto the ice. He has to be willing to play both ends of the rink, and do the dirty work of a bottom 6, albeit, Olympic level dirty work.

If Spez can show he is more than a top tier play-maker, he will make the team.

What makes the invitation all the more interesting is the fact that he will be face to face with Dany Heatley, should he choose to attend.

Will he be facing Heater the ex-teammate, or Heater the disgruntled Senator?

Time will tell.


PS, I have some info on the Heater situation to post, but not the time, will post later tonight, hopefully.


3 Responses to “Spez-ial Olympics”

  1. Don’t tease us GN! 😉 lol
    Look forward to your update.

  2. Don’t tease us, GN…come with the up-date!

  3. GN .. I really appreciate your work as well as senschirp and many others, it is entertaining well written and keeps us in the loop on lots .
    The only thing .. is like the Campoli trade .. I mean the thing it came out of left field .. Just my feeling .. what do you think ?

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