Heatley Rumbles?!

I’m still not hearing this stuff.

I’m reading it, like a starving man at a seafood buffet, but I’m not hearing it.

I am hearing talks are on going, but, as I said previously, NOTHING is being leaked to anybody I know, and, FWIW, they usually hear things, not first hand (in most circumstances), but the general “inside” chatter.

What does this mean?

I dunno.

Like you, I’m hoping to see this resolved, without the Sens getting fleeced, sooner rather then later.

I know SJ was determined to land Heatley early in this, prior to FA, but, like the rumours say now, they wouldn’t pony up with a legit top 6 player.  Many think Wilson firmly believes he can land Heatley for a song, much like he did Joe.

I hope not.

I’m going to beat the bushes again, and If I do hear anything, I will post ASAP.

“stay tuned”  Bwahaha!



9 Responses to “Heatley Rumbles?!”

  1. kj: Jonathan Cheechoo, three years of the big money has gone to his hands…he’s done like dinner. How about that “Wilson”… stubborn, the man is brain dead!

  2. Gerald:

    Your headline is a tease. When I saw it over at our site, I thought that Heatley had gone public with something.

  3. Yeah, and the hot chick at the bar is really into your drunkenly slurred pass…will you never learn Nichols, will you never learn?
    I guess hope truly does spring eternal.

  4. I’m an Oiler fan that’s been checking this blog since this whole fiasco began. There’s an interesting post on Lowetide’s blog this morning regarding the Oiler deal being back on. His blog is usually strictly focused on Oiler analysis and never rumors so this could mean something. I enjoy your site, keep up the good work.

  5. Thanks Oilfan,
    I’ll check that out now. I’m a big Oilers fan, I see you guys as the Sens of the West, albeit with a much more glorious recent history. I feel dumbfounded by the difficulty your franchise has had with landing top talent, is EDM really that bad of a city? I’ve never been.

    • It really is a great city, my wife is from Long Beach and she loves it here. Like most Canadian cities it has a longer than ideal winter but hey, that’s why we have hockey.

  6. I wouldn’t mind the “rumoured” deal from SJ as per Sens Chirp. Yes it includes Cheechoo, but what of the guy just needs a change of scenery. Either way I hope from the bottom of my heart that EDM is back, I loved their deal and I still want them to get Heatley/ or land someone big (not that there’s any left). They got more fleeced than us in this whole fiasco and they didn’t deserve it at all

  7. The biggest issue with Cheechoo is the term. If it was one year, and the Sens received compensation in the form of an additional top prospect, then it’s bearable. But, multi-year, facing a potential cap constriction, and he is probably a buy-out, which is BS if the receving team received an elite player (Heatley) in return. I’d rather have a p.o’d Heatley until a better deal cam along, then Cheechoo consuming valueable cap space.
    Just say no Brian.

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