Year End Review – Daniel Alfredsson

It was the best of years, it was the worst of years…

O.k., sure, I stole that line, but, it still fits.

There is no debating last season was a bad one, for all involved, including Alfredsson.  What is even more disappointing is the fact that Alfie has a limited number of good years left in him, and last season saw one of the remaining few gone entirely to waste.

But, as bad a year it was for the team, for Alfie at least, it had some inspiring moments.

Early in the 2008/09 campaign Alfie went down with a cartilage issue in his knee, requiring arthroscopic surgery.

Although fairly minor surgery, the fact it was in the knee joint, it was expected Alfie would miss at minimum one week.  He missed 1 game, and returned to the ice to post 2 points in a 6-3 rout of the ‘Yotes.

In many ways this typified the paradox of a season for Alfie, as a team-mate, and as an individual.

Alfie often played with inspiring heart and effort, while those around him seemed to struggle doing even the simplest things.

While Alfie posted a year with 79 GP, a career high since his rookie season, and led the team in points, assists, and +/-, still he would be the first to say it was a terrible season for everyone, himself included.

Compare this to Heatleys year end comments of “39 goals, 72 pts” when asked how he felt about the year.

It is this style of leadership that earns comments like this from teammates;

“If you want to be a pro hockey player, you watch Daniel Alfredsson,” Winchester said. “The way he addresses the media, addresses players, addresses fans … he sets a great example for anyone who wants to be in the NHL for a long time.”

I’m not going to take the time to break down all of Alfies numbers, as I’ve done for Spez and Heater, because frankly, I think we all know his track record.

But here are the Before Clouston vs. After Clouston


Points – 44

Points/game – .936

Goals -14

G/g – 0.298

Assists – 30

A/g – 0.638

TOI – 21:27

PROD – 22:55


Points – 30

Points/game – .938

Goals -10

G/g – 0.313

Assists – 20

A/g – 0.625

TOI – 20:03

PROD – 21:51

Alfie has only one thing left to prove, that being his ability to lead a team to the Stanley Cup.  He’s come close, but with time ticking down, it is soon becoming now or never.

Many have postulated that Alfie, along with Kovy, and Spezza, have a lot to prove this season, and if this is the case, it is possible for anyone of these players to elevate a team to elite status.  If all 3 come into this season determined to be their best, both as individuals, and as teammates, this could be a season to remember.



7 Responses to “Year End Review – Daniel Alfredsson”

  1. It’s Alf’s core , I shall not go into it all but ity’s cronic…if I were his pro I wouldn’t let him play golf till after hockey, so time is short (for the big cup run) and they will not get him a “Gonchar” we are waiting for the kids…but he is crucial to Heater’s success and eventual value to the franchise at the TRADEEADLINE this year.

    One thing we know the “Captain will show!”

    • Canucnik…damn, reading your comments makes me feel like I need a translator, lol!
      No doubt, he will show.

  2. Apparently new offer on the table from SJS. All rumour sites saying same thing. Cheechoo, Vlkasic, + 2 prospects. Cheechoo again!?

    You know, Cheechoo may just need a change of scenery. But, I don’t expect Murray to take the risk. BM has said publically, the key to any deal is a proven top 6 forward, and by proven, I take him to mean consistancy of 60+ points (each season) over last 3 of 4 seasons with futher potential.

    I like Vlasic, although Murray has also said he is satisfied with his D as it is. If Wilson doesn’t offer Setegouchi, or Mihalek, there won’t be any deal, IMO.


  3. What I can never forget is that the season we went to the Finals, fans were calling for Alfie to be traded for Craig Conroy during the start of that season. It was that playoff run that solidified him as a true leader here in Ottawa, but before that there were plenty of questions. I will never understand why.

    We did a comparison between Aflie and Tiger Woods a while back. Just a fun look at the two of them, but I always like to pull it out when talking about Alfie.

  4. I remember that well Tambland. In fact, I was questioning his remaining on the team at that time myself. Not because of Alfie, I think he is awesome, and always have. More as a matter of a “shake-up”. The team was playing very poorly, had been disappointing in the play-offs, and, like SJ now, looked like more of the same going forward.
    I sure am glad he wasn’t traded. I never actually thought we should trade him, but I was willing to examine its merits.
    As much as I admire Alfie, I’m a Sens fan. It’s about the team.
    BTW, nice blog post, thanks for that link, well worth the read for any Alfie fan!

    • I’ve always thought a slow start to the season was a good thing for any franchise. It tends to mean that you will turn it on moving into the playoffs. Historically, if you look at Ottawa’s longest playoff runs, they tend to come off seasons where the team started slow, and their shortest runs are when they finish highest and started fast. I see what you mean about a shake-up though. It’s just so funny how much things changed, because now he’s untouchable.

      What will be interesting now is what happens to Spezza. Does he start to move towards that untouchable role on the team? Can he solidify himself as a leader as well that fans can warm up to. That’s the one thing about players in this town. If you take your lumps and prove you can play through it, the fans are onside for life.

      Thanks for reading stayclassy. Sensay is great, so keep it up.

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