And In Other News…

Gary Bettman files a motion in Arizona Court claiming;

“Judgeyyyyy, Jims looking at meeee!”

What a joke.

Do these NHL BOG members have any integrity, let alone memory?

I won’t repeat the obvious, but even I could thrash their claim to shreds.

Baum must be shaking his head.


P.S. I’ll be posting a “Year End Review” tomorrow, in the absence of anything “Heatley” related to report.

Is that good or bad?  lol!


2 Responses to “And In Other News…”

  1. What bothers me is how blatantly transparent and public Bettman the BOGs can be about this legal fraud and just watch Judge Baum roll over in his final ruling…just makes ya want to puke!

    But…but the Waterloo Deichmen are coming soon to Jimmy and the NHL.

  2. Jim may not win this, but he will get his pound of flesh, and leave the NHL, Glendale council, and ultimately Bettman, wishing they had just “used the side door”.

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