I Got Nothin’



I’d love to give you some juicy rumour, or insightful scoop, but, I’d be making it up.

Usually, when things are rumbling, I can get a re-play on some of the chatter, but not this time.

In fact, what I have gotten is confirmation that nothing is being said, by anyone.

I’ve been told that talks are on-going, but nobody is leaking anything.

I’m not saying the rumours out there are BS, but, from what I’ve been told, by various people I trust, these negotiations are drum tight.

The only information I did receive, is that Cheechoo remains a key component to any deal with SJ, but it seems clear he will not be coming to Ottawa unless SJ is willing to take back others matching his salary.

For example;

Heatley, Winchester, Schubert, Picard, Hennessy, Zubov. (11.034M)


Michalek, Vlasic, Cheechoo, Couture & 2010 1st.  (10.433M)

SJ NEEDS more bodies and even if they move salary for salary, if Cheechoo remains on the roster, they simply haven’t the cap space left to sign enough bodies.  They have to convert his salary into 2 or more depth forwards, and replace the players they trade.

I’m not suggesting this trade will happen, or is even remotely possible, but it does exemplify how difficult it will be to work a deal with SJ.



14 Responses to “I Got Nothin’”

  1. perhaps all will become clear tomorrow. I gotta think Murray wants to know where the direction of his club is headed, and I include Comrie in this.

  2. It is surprising how little buzz there is around Comrie. However, I still cannot see how his salary can be accomodated for considering whomever takes Heater (if), they will need to ship back salary.
    I wouldn’t count on Comrie skating in Ottawa next season, as much as he could help out this clubs offense.

  3. According to Kevin Lee,(Don’t know how credible he is),NYR and DAL are interested in Heater.

  4. Yeah, I’ve heard the rumours of another team or 2, but nothing tangeable. The Sens have been VERY tight lipped.

  5. In your personnal opinion,will he be traded?

  6. Thanks for being honest. I know that a lot of sites would just make something up so it’s really nice to hear somebody saying that they’re just not hearing anything right now.

    I’ve only recently found this blog but it’s a good read. Thanks for keeping it up.

  7. Master of Puppets Says:

    Your trade example follows my mega swap idea, which I put up more as a joke as to how slim the chances are for a deal with SJ. The math can work, and a win win created out of it, not to mention it’d be historical, if not hysterical. As my Telecommunications prof used to say, “Just because the probability is zero, doesn’t mean it can’t happen.”

    What’s the most bodies/picks involved in a blockbuster trade in the NHL? I can only think of the Lindros fleecing (9 players: 6 + 2 picks & Lindros himself).

    Two things: The bottom 6 forwards of any team are crucial, while the top 6 generally provide 65-70% of the offense, the bottom 6 must hold the fort (provide 65-70% of the defense). If the bulk of your bottom roster has a +ve +/- rating you can be damn sure your team is near the top of the standings. If Wilson saw that with his high powered offense, highly mobile defense and a package of our modest 3rd/4th liners could hold his ‘fort’ then, chemistry issues aside, it could happen.

    Second, if it did magically happen as a meeting of the minds between the two brain trusts, it’d be damn funny if the two teams wound up meeting in the Finals. Of course funnier still if we won.

  8. I agree with you master on the +/- thing, boston had like 2 players with a – rating and had like 4 guys in the top10 in the reg season

  9. CT, honestly, I have no clue. This has been like a soap opera, just when you think things are coming to a head, they take a left turn. I can honestly see anything happening, from Murray basically giving him away, to forcing him to remain on the roster should a worthwhile deal not materialize before the start of the season. For my own sanity I wish I had a better answer.
    MOP, very true, great take.
    Andy, welcome, feel free to add your voice to the discussion. We all love the game. I may write the opening blog, but the entertainment of this site comes from the readers/commetors, not me.

  10. I got nothin’ also…the closest of them all Nathan Horton out of not left field but out of South Florida…@ 4mill…they got CAP…but they wouldn’t sweaten it!

    My admiration for Bryan go up by the hour. And don’t be afraid of the Term “50 goals”, as the tire kickers insult us this is the ass kicker that brings everyone back to reality…Heatley has no one but multiple “50 goal seasons”…highest scoring Team Canada Winger.

    Talked to two American guys from Florida last night (Hockey Fans)they still think Team Canada is the “BEST”. Ya gotta sell tickets down in Florida too.

  11. The funny thing is, with new ownership coming in, FLA *might* consider making a splash, and Heater would certainly represent a major splash for a team that just lost JBo for nothing. The issue with Horton is his play at centre. They’ve tried to line him up there, with limited success, but the fact remains replacing him with Heater will do nothing to solve their problems at pivot. I like Horton, and considering their contracts, if FLA threw in a prospect I’d say do it.
    How about this;
    Horton, Matthias for Heater, Zubov.
    But I can’t see Heatley even considering a move to little Havana.

  12. I agree totally…Heater’s gf doesn’t play golf or hablo en espaneol! But she could hang around the harbour and watch “Miami Vice” live.

    Actually it was Ottawa’s true interest in Horton that caused the sparks to fly…but when Bryan goes back and asks for the “Sweetner”, that is the deal breaker…don’t get me wrong Mr. Murray is entitled to get it all with this one.

    Heater would be a big hit in South Florida, they’d think he was a “Martian Manhunter”.

  13. Ok, I’ll bite, Canucnik, WTF is a “martian manhunter”?

  14. Martian manhunter” also known as ” J’onn J’onzz”; a creature who hunts men and Gators in the Florida Everglades. Actually, he ‘s an extraterrestrial superhero.

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