Please, Somebody, Make It Stop.

Is something soon to happen?

Is Heatley about to be traded, or is it just more of the same BS?

Well, I’ve been told the word on the street is a definite…”maybe”.

I’m so over this.

Just bloody make a trade already, this isn’t sending a man to the moon.

The fact is, the chatter around Heatley has grown significantly over the last few days, and, like I’ve already said, I was told specifically that;

1. Edmonton was out, because SJ was in.

2. Elliott would not be announced until Murray knew what was going to happen with Heatley.

I also heard today that the “official” chatter around this deal is zero.

All sides are saying nothing.

So, is something going down.

Like I said…I have no idea…but I sure hope so.



5 Responses to “Please, Somebody, Make It Stop.”

  1. Like you I’m largely annoyed by all this. First people say something might be done as soon as today then they change their minds to say it’ll be after JR gets his day and a deal might be announced on Friday! And then some are saying the deal might not even be with SJ but rather with NY. I need some concrete info soon

  2. You and me both buddy, you and me both.

  3. Yeah. I am with you guys. This is rediculous. As I posted on Senschirp’s page, SJS need to step up and pay BM’s asking price if they want DH to play with big Joe. Otherwise, get off the pot, and let someone else use it.

    Senschirp mentioned something about Ottawa counter offering late last night, but no specifics.

    I mean SJS are the “buyer” here. I read in this morning’s Sun that Doug Wilson doesn’t want to satisfy BM’s demand of a top 6 Forward from their own roster. C’mon. They have known that was part of his asking price from day 1. Cheechoo doesn’t fit that bill anymore. I suppose this is where the third team comes in, and the rumours at Ekllunds page of SJ picking up Kessel.

    I don’t want any forwards from MTL.

    Mihalek+Vlasic+Pick is totally fair, IMHO.

    I think DH is going to be in camp for Ottawa. At least, it is looking more and more likely now.


  4. Edit from above: I don’t want any forwards from MTL unless his name is Cammalleri šŸ™‚

  5. Master Of Puppets Says:

    Why are you banging your head against the wall? Cuz it’ll feel so good when I stop. Thank God I’ll be out of town this weekend camping – away from the computer, TSN, et al to return on Monday to refreshing blog titles like … ‘Heatley Saga continues’ … I’m with you GN, please hockey gods Make it Fkn Stop!

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