‘Tender Off The Hook, While Heatley Still Swinging.

Elliott has officially re-upped with the Sens.

Elliott will make $800,000 next season and $900,000 in 2010-11.

Too bad it wasn’t for the rumoured 3 yrs, as he’ll likely be UFA come next negotiation.

Oops, my bad, I thought he was 25, but at 24, he’ll only be 26 at the end of this contract, thus still an RFA.

This has been a poorly kept secret, and his signing *may* be a sign that a move with Heatley is at least within striking distance, as it was told to me that a signing would not be done until the Sens cap situation was resolved.

Rumour has it SJS GM, Wilson, is adamant that he will not pay anything to solve Murrays problem, and is claiming taking Heatley would be akin to doing the Sens a favour, and the Sens would need to reciprocate by taking back a bad contract, Cheechoo.

Murray is having none of it, and is equally adamant that Heatley was signed by Ottawa, to play in Ottawa, and if he wants to play in the NHL it will either be in Ottawa, or a team willing to replace him in a trade.

Murray believes Heatleys issues are not his problem, they’re Dany’s, and as such, trading Heatley for a poor return just makes Heaters problem into Murrays problem.

Will he take this to the wall, or is he bluffing?

Time will tell, but, the fact remains, apart from losing his GM job, at the end of his career, Murray has little or nothing to lose, whereas Heatley, well, how about 4M, just to start.

I have no idea what is going to happen, but all indications from the Senators is that they WILL NOT deal Heatley for a new problem.

Here’s hoping.



11 Responses to “‘Tender Off The Hook, While Heatley Still Swinging.”

  1. Interesting. perhaps there will be some movement now. Not sure what the dollars are, but if the rumours were right about 1mil / season, this would put Ottawa back up around 58 mil?

    Something might be going down real soon. But at least the goalie situation is put in place.

  2. Good on Murray!! He is exactly right too. Dany signed in Ottawa to play in Ottawa. He either plays in Ottawa, or he is “replaced”, and by replaced, meaning value for value talent wise, or as close as you can get.

  3. Murray is right, Heatley doesn’t want to play then it’s his problem. I’m smelling something happening soon but I have a feeling it won’t be SJ

    Glad to see Elliot finally re-signed, not that we didn’t already know

  4. Well done Murray indeed. Elliot’s cap dollars are a under million. 800,000 this year, and 900,000 next year. He saved 200,000 over Auld.


    THe rumours were off on this one. (3mil for 3 years)

    The actual deal is 1.7 mil over 2 years.

    Well done!!!!!!!!

  5. Sens4Life Says:

    SilverSeven is reporting that he will become an RFA after the 2 years.

  6. Master Of Puppets Says:

    Who’s more valuable to the team? Chris Neil or Brian Elliott?

    I’m glad BM didn’t overpay. Maybe Elliott was pushing for 1M but gave a discount on a shorter term, given the cap situation.

    The deal is about right – looking at the Wade Dubielewicz, Josh Harding and Marty Biron signings, 1M would have been overpaying (only not on the same level as Neil).

    Only one issue left to address …

  7. I’m pretty sure that he’s an RFA who is eligible for arbitration after his contract is up.

    Brennan posted in his blog that a “league source” said that Heatley would be a Shark in the next two days. Thoughts?

  8. Master Of Puppets Says:

    I think Brennan’s league source is full of shit. Wilson is not under the gun to get anything done with Heatley yet an all this blogosphere and media drivel isn’t likely to force it. If he pulls off a trade or two – big contract for lesser players/cheap prospect and picks to get closer to a 20 man active roster and have a little more cap space, then I’d believe it.

    A 3 way is less likely and a mega swap (say Heatley for 3 & pick, Cheechoo for 4) even less likely.

    I’ll clarify the mega swap idea (born of technicoulour dreams and consuming blended scotch) – we get Michalek/Pavelski/McGinn and a pick for Heatley
    Then as compensation for that fleecing we take Cheechoo for Schubert, Donovan, Bass and Winchester. They get 5 roster players while losing 3 essentially. McGinn was used last year for 30+ games but isn’t NHL ready IMHO. Cap dollars are about equal I think.

    Good fer a laff, wha?

  9. http://blog.canoe.ca/offtheposts. Isn’t 48 hours a movie with Eddie Murphy? 🙂

  10. Master Of Puppets Says:

    And Nick Nolte. Good Flick – they also did ‘Another 48 Hours’.
    Kuklas Corner also pointed to Brennan’s off the posts quip. Will it be the post that sunk the Titanic, rocked the hockey Universe or just plain out added The B to the ‘ulls’ to the H I T.

    Someone commented on Kukla’s post that SJS had a press conference scheduled after JRs retirement announcement. Will it be to put an end to this or announce a trade of the cap space creating variety.

    Colour me skeptical …

  11. ha! re-upped!

    amazing. wish i had thought of that.

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