The New Deal.

It seems that Tambo’s bailing on Heatley may well be the precursor to an end to this drama.
Some have been saying that Tambo’s rejection of Heatley is little more than a convenient, and orchestrated PR move, ahead of an impending trade. A trade he knew was coming.
The thought is, knowing Heatley was not going to EDM, and that a deal was in the works, Tambo was given a sympathy heads up by those involved in order for EDM to recoup some of their dignity, and appear the ones backing away, not the ones being spurned.
Is this true?
I don’t know, but, it makes sense.
Honestly, in the absence of another move by EDM, why bother saying anything?
Wouldn’t actually signing an alternate player be the true indication that you’ve moved on? Does saying you’re no longer chasing Heatley make signing someone else more feasible?
It was a meaningless statement, especially considering the fact Heatley already gave them the cold shoulder on numerous occasions.
Saying it, without any action, is rather hollow, at best.

As for SJS, yes, they are interested in Heater, and yes, Marleau was discussed (offered, albeit, not officially, as he has a NTC).

Some are thinking Murray should take the reported deal (Cheechoo, Erhoff, 1st), but, I think this deal is less than can be had, if he waits.

Sure Murray is under pressure, but not as much as SJ, who will have a hard time selling the fans on a redux roster that have been repeatedly gutted in the post season.

The fact is, Murray wants one player he believes has long term potential as a top 6’er, and Cheechoo is not the man for the job, not to mention, as a RW, he would be the third top 6 in that position on the Sens roster (Alfie, Kovy, Cheechoo).



11 Responses to “The New Deal.”

  1. I don’t like the rumoured SJ deal at all. Cheechoo is not a replacement for Heatley, not even close!! If SJ is serious, then they better offer someone like Vlasic, Pavelski and/or Setoguchi. They have much better assets than Cheechoo that we can and should deman

  2. And that player Murray wants is…Couture?? Segotuchi??

  3. Master of Puppets Says:

    Erhoff has been up and down – though probably a solid top 4 D with #2 potential. Cheechoo is the big gamble who right now is playing at a 3rd line level (productionwise). He may never get 25+ goals again.
    The only way to remove the fleece element from this – with these two players is if Couture and somebody like McGinn is in it (two prospects). That’s potentially 9 mil in salary or so coming back. If another player is in there instead, say Michalek (in place of the prospects), then just Cheechoo and Erhoff might be fair.

    I know Cheechoo may have had injury problems which attribute to his decline in production, but he seems a huge risk, and is not an impact player on his own – without a Spezza type feeding him.

    The other angle is Murray could offer a conditional pick or future consideration if Cheechoo nets 25+ goals and 50 pts.

    Also regarding RW/LW – any NHL level player, especially an elite one, should be able to play either side of center.

  4. I really don’t like cheechoo, i think he just got lucky to be on a line with thornton when he was having the season of his life. Now if he played with spezza ofcourse he would score, I could score 20+ goals if i was playing with spezza. but idk, i quess i just don’t like him 🙂

    • no I agree with you, any deal that includes Cheechoo back to us is a horrible deal Sens wise. And he probably won’t play with Spezza and even if he did I’m not sure he can be a true top liner. I’d much rather pavelski or Setoguchi

  5. Master of Puppets Says:

    Cheechoo Fisher and Neil – we’d have the most overpaid 3rd line in the league and they’d be lucky to score 35 between ’em.

  6. Totally agree that we should not be getting Cheechoo in this deal unless something pretty phenomenal is coming back with him. Otherwise, we’re just accepting their bad contract in exchange for a very good player.

    Hopefully this is all coming to a close.

  7. Little Jon Says:

    No to Cheechoo.. get Pavelski and Michalek and McGinn for Heatley and Schubert

  8. Master Of Puppets Says:

    Jon: Send Kelly and take Erhoff back too.

    Michalek, Spezza, Alfie
    Foligno, Pavelski, Kovalev
    Neil, Fisher, Shannon
    Ruutu, Bass, Winchester
    + Donovan

    Kuba, Erhoff
    Phillips, Campoli
    Volchenkov, Lee/Picard/Karlsson

    Anybody have an accurate cap number?
    I assume its based on 22 players. (13F, 7D, 2G)

  9. Master Of Puppets Says:

    OK so the active roster must be 20 min to 23 max players
    And Sens sit at about 56.6M with 7 D and 13 F including Schubert.

    Elliott not signed leaves either somebody (Smith) being dealt etc or an unhappy player (Lee or Shannon) in Bingo.

    Assuming Heatley is in the lineup or 7.5 M worth of 2 forwards.

    Wow, the cap game is fun …

  10. […] SenSay:  The new deal.  Speculation is that this Heatley deal is now requiring a third team.  Interesting. […]

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