Tambellini Pulls Up his Pants?

According to a report on TSN, Edmonton Oilers GM has officially announced his team has decided to no longer pursue Dany Heatley.

In other news, he also refuses to pick up the tab on the “return to sender” fee demanded by Canada Post for the unopened “Come To Edmonton” video package.

But I digress.

Good for you Tambo…about a month, and all but a shred of dignity too late, but good for you all the same.

Interestingly, Tambo also had this to say;

“Then there was a change of position with the way Dany’s advisers were talking about things,” said Tambellini. “Things changed after that and really never got back on track. ”

Sure seems to throw cold water on the view promoted by Healteys camp that Murray never had permission to cut a deal with EDM.

Also, in terms of the “rumours” that Murray leaked the deal, Tambo had this to say;

“That is extremely disappointing to me,” he said. “Very, very unprofessional. Eventually, I’m going to find out, we’ll find out who did that…”

Again, seems to call into question the whole “Sather was mad at Murrays publicizing the trade details, so pulled out of the talks” BS.

So now what?

Sweet Jesus knows, I sure don’t.

Gotta laugh though, NOBODY broke this news, that EDM was out, which Tambo claims was communicated to the Sens earlier in the week.

Goes to show what the bloggosphere and media outlets know, lol!

IF it’s true.

Does this increase the pressure on Heatley to accept the EDM deal, or face playing in OTT, or increase the pressure on Murray to do a deal, any deal?

Seems to me, with Kovy signed, the pressure is on Dany, not Murray.

But what do I know?



3 Responses to “Tambellini Pulls Up his Pants?”

  1. I think the pressure is on Heatley, he’s the one who wants out. And now the only team that seriously wants him is out of the picture (or so they say). We have Kovalev now and the team isn’t as bad without Heatley as it was before.

    Both Murray and Melnyk have no problem dressing him in a Sens jersey next season and will not put themselves in a vulnerable position just to suit his needs after he deliberately tried to screw them.

    Good for Edmonton to pull out of this

  2. I completely agree S19.
    But, to play Devils Advocate (pardon the pun, lol), what if it favours Heatley?
    If in fact only one team remains, and, surprise, surprise, it’s SJ, a team on his list, doesn’t this weaken Murray’s hand further, and set Heater up for having his cake and eating it too?

    I’m sure what is going trough Murray and BigMels head right now is, do we get something for him, or do we go ahead without him? Or worse, do we risk his bringing the whole team down around our heads in some sort of narcissistic power play?

    Because, like it or not, with EDM out, all remaining options have a degre of stink around them.

    1. Take a poor return, on what was a strategic long term asset – This is ripe with issues, both short and long term. Should the Sens continue in losing, no doubt Muray will eventually be held to blame for not replacing Heatley, and it is also conceivable it could rub off n Clouston. Uddenly it could appear Dany was right, and Clouston was wrong, and Murray backed the wrong horse. This would destroy the franchise in the short to mid term.

    2. Let him come to camp – This too could be an unmitigated disaster. What happens if Heatley refuses to work? Hell, even if he just appears to not be working he’ll be piloried by fans and media alike. It, at best, would be a circus for the first quarter of the season, and every miscue, and bad play would be blown up into a media crap-storm.

    3. Let him sit out – This is truly the epitome of lose/lose. How can anything good come of that?

    Are we prepared to accept him back?

    Are we prepared to give him what he wants, at our expense, just to be rid of him?

    Why couldn’t he just take the EDM trade, and save us all, himself included, from this gordian knot.

    Anyone have a sword?


  3. Imo he won’t sit out next season nor will the Sens allow him to do so because like you said it a lose/lose situation for all involved.

    I never thought about it this way about SJ taking advantage of being the only team interested. But I still think Murray has made it clear to other teams he has no problems to have him back and is under no pressure. Even if he really is.

    I’m torn between wanting him desperately out and not giving him what he wants at the expense of the team. But this I’m sure of, him being in a Sens jersey come September will not end well. 50 goals or not, this guy will only bring negativity to the team. And it doesn’t have to be in the dressing room, imagine how every post game interview will be. How every practice will be closely monitored to see any friction between Heatley and Clouston. It’ll be a nightmare

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