Kel Surprise?

In an article in the Sun, long time Senator Chris Kelly clearly states he too was surprised at Heatley’s trade request.

How is this possible?


How do you play years with a guy, supposedly consider him a friend, and good team-mate, yet you’re surprised when he demands a trade, just one year into a long term deal?

This is what makes this entire Heatley situation so confounding.  If Chris Kelly, one among many now, didn’t see this coming, what really broke the camels back?

Clouston claims he had no indication Dany was this upset.

Murray claims he knew Dany was unhappy, but didn’t think it was irreconcilable.

Spezza, apparently one of Dany’s closest friends on the team, says he too knew Dany was un-happy, but was surprised, if not shocked, at Dany’s stance.

So what to do?

I know discussing this again is like beating a dead horse…but, the fact remains, the horse ain’t dead, it’s just refusing to drink.

We have a new goaltender, we have a new top 6 forward, we have a new coach, with a plan that appears to work.

But do we have a former 50 goal scorer, or not?

And if not, please Dany, please, just let us know, all of us.

Is it really so much to ask?




11 Responses to “Kel Surprise?”

  1. This is the most confusing part. I have a good “source” into the organization as it were (close friend who knows a couple of players 1st hand, and actually played hockcey with them), and it appears all it is afterall is a “disagreement” on how his “talent” is being used. The players will all warm up to him should he decide to come back, because they all say that Dany is a good teammate. Some players may take longer to come around, but they will. They would have no choice if the team is to succeed.
    I think the players on the team are all alot closer than anyone knows, or believes, making it hard for them to understand why this all happened in the 1st place.

    To sum up: Dany is a star player, an elite one at that. He has been told all his life he is great, or even the best. I am sure Spezza has heard the same thing too all of his life. Some little coach from nowhere (minors) comes to town, and tells him he he needs to work harder. (work harder! C’mon. I am freaking 100 pt Dany Heatley) What do you mean I need to change my game?

    It so easy for fans to say, “get on the team bus man. work harder.” But most of us, me included, have never played hockey at Dany’s level and have never lived the pro life. These guys are humans, and we tend to forget that. It might be easier to understand by looking at it introspectively. I have arguments with my own boss in hi-tech, and I don’t always agree with the direction my own team is taking. I am at the top of my game in the computer biz. However, taking criticism is a skill, and so is learning from it. Not every one can do it well. Sometimes, if the differences are “irreconcilable”, and you have a stubborn personality, you end up at a decision to walk away from the issue, rather than face it down, and take the challange to grow.

    I can totally see this now. But what I am left wondering is like yourself GN. What was the “straw” that broke the camel’s back?

    The sad thing is that his reputation is now in the tank, due to the endless speculation amongst fans, and media.

    This will either get resolved before Olympic orientation camp, or the Sens training camp.

    I don’t believe it will come to Dany having to be suspended, and sitting out. He will either be traded or still a Sen.

    Part of me wishes he is back in the Sens uni. The Sens are a better team with him, and that cannot be denied. With Kovalev and Leclaire, it is even better.


  2. Heatley Must Go Says:

    Denied. Sens are a better team withOUT Heatley

  3. Umm. Ok. I guess we can’t use a guy who scores 100 points. Hmm. How do we replace that output. Ah. we can’t.

  4. KJ, great post, thanks for that, I greatly enjoyed reading your thoughts. And, in many ways, I believe you have hit the nail on the head.
    Heatley Must Go;
    You may be right.
    This is the whole problem now. You can’t un-ring the bell. Heatley has broken a team covenant, he has demanded to be traded.
    Can he be forgiven…sure.
    Will he be forgiven…I don’t know.
    No doubt it will depend greatly on his attitude, and performance.
    Unfortunately, to date, Dany has done NOTHING to show he is prepared to show contrition, or even a constructive attitude.
    KJ, I want to believe you’re right, and you may well be, but, unfortunately, Heatley himself, by his actions, and inaction, is appearing to be intractibly petulent.

  5. Through all of this, Im not really mad at heatley for wanting a trade.

    If you don’t like your work enviroment, or if you feel underappreciated by your boss (or coach) at your job, you have the right to quit and find a new job, why can’t that apply to the NHL? Now i know he just signed a long term contract and he should own up to it, buy why do players have to stay with a team they no long what to play with when NHL teams can just buyout a player they don’t want.

    I think most fans are more hurt by the thought that someone doesn’t like playing for their team and to be honest is does kinda hurt, but should be mad at him for wanting a change? The sens are very different team now then when he sign that contract.

    what im really mad about is that heatley has said nothing to no one. When the captain can’t even get ahold of him, theres something wrong and heatley should show some respect to his fans, his teammates and to the sens organization and say something, ANYTHING.
    Becuase the longer he wants, the worse it getting. Dany, you think waiting longer is gunna make it better?

  6. Senay, Thanks for that.

    I have had this “watercooler” discussion with my colleagues everyday at lunch for the past month. 🙂

    And we have come to the conclusion, that until Dany’s agents come out and make his intentions known, it would behoove him to say anything at all. Because, if he were to come out and say something (anything at all), and to paraphrase a quote from Dany himself, “The media will spin it one way or another”.

    We know that Dany has a luke warm realtionship with the media already.

    He has paid his agents to represent him, and that is what they are doing for him, whether we like it or not.

    If I can draw a parallel to purchasing a new home …

    I hate dealing with banks to get a mortgage. So, I hire a broker to get what I need. If you have a good one, you’ll get a great rate. If you have a bad, you get a terrible rate. But in the whole process, not once did I ever have to talk to an actual representative of any bank. The whole process was brokered by a middleman.

    I almost 100% certain that he has been given advice to say absolutely nothing publically by his agents, and to let them handle it.

  7. Woozle man Says:

    One thing we will find out when the season starts is how good Clouston’s people management skills are. Both Kovalev and Heatley require skilled coaches to get them to perform, hope Clouston is up for it.

    I’m feeling that Heatley will be in Ottawa, and will work harder if he’s given the chance to be on PP1. No reason he can’t be, of course. Maybe they should move Spezza to PP2, since Kovalev will want to quarterback the powerplay when he’s on the ice. How about:

    Heatley, Fisher/Foligno , Kovalev = PP1
    Foligno/Fisher, Spezza, Alfredsson = PP2

    with the defensive pairings: *(Kuba, Campoli) and (Lee,Shannon) ?

    Yes, I know, Shannon on defense? It’s the power play, he’s fast as hell and has good vision. It could work.

  8. KJ, Nick,
    Here’s the thing.
    Right or wrong, sane or insane, fans develop a “virtual” personal attachment to their teams and players.
    Now, I can’t defend this reality with reason, because frankly, it isn’t reasonable, but it exists all the same.
    This is why your cold and calculated (but infinately reasonable) explinations of Dany’s situation falls flat.
    People are offended, even if they shouldn’t be.
    The fans need an explanation, and in it’s absence they are left feeling even more slighted.
    If Dany was behaving abnormally, in not making a public statement, I would agree it is his agents. But, as it has been his habit to avoid the media, throughout his career, I think it’s reasonable to assume his isolation is self imposed.
    When you’re a public figure this is the (un) reality youlive in. It’s the “dark side” of fame and notariety.
    Dany ignores this (un)real;ity at his peril.
    Also, as for being able to “quit”, not so much.
    He has a contract. In an environment of finite performance, a long term deal is a strategic move, and when he backed out, he did exponential damage, while suffering none himself.
    It is akin to a builder, after demolishing your remotely located home, deciding he doesn’t like the cut of your jib, and walking away…leaving you in the cold.
    You and I can quit, but, unlike Dany, we can also be more easily replaced.
    This is MHO, I’m loving the discussion, everyone has posted outstanding comments.
    This is the best comments section in the Sens bloggosphere, thanks to you guys/gals, not me.

  9. GN,

    Your absolutely right. And I agree with points that you have made too.
    Unfortunately, I am on my way out the door to a weekend which has nothing remotely to do with computers, or hockey 🙂 (I suppose a break is a good thing)

    I have so much to say on this subject, hehe, but thanks for posting an intelligent blog, and giving something for us to discuss in an intelligent manner.

    Off to a lake, some beers, and some cigars. lol


  10. MMMMmmm beer.
    Woozle, Shannon on the point eh?
    He is a RH shot, and that’s needed on this team, but can he let one go from that far out?

  11. haha i like shannon on defence for the pp, hes a smart guy with the puck and he is quick enough to get back if the play goes the other way

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