What the…?!

O.k., let’s have some fun with the Heatley saga.

In the comments section I replied to D2TN that I bet when a deal happens it takes us all of guard, armchair pundits, to Internet experts.  KJ thought it would make an interesting discussion, and I agree.

So, what is your “WTF?!” deal.

The rules are simple;

1. It has to be somewhat realistic, not Heatley for Crosby and Malkin.

2. It cannot be with SJS, or EDM.

That’s it.

Winner gets bragging rights, and something to do while we wait out the summer, lol!

Have at it hockey insiders!



12 Responses to “What the…?!”

  1. Gongshow Says:

    To Anaheim: Heatley/Picard/Schubert

    To Ottawa: Ryan/Lupul

  2. He is going to MN Wild… with fletcher and now flahr to good friends of murrays over at the wild look for them to try and work something out. Minnie has stated they are looking for a top scoring left winger and what better winger then heatley… Minnie also has what murray is looking for offensive minded defenders (Burns, Zidlicky and Schultz) and secondary scoring (Bouchard, Miettinen, Belanger) and have great young players and propects in (clutterbuck, gillies, pouliot, and almond)

    I can’t see Burns being a part of the deal he is a huge part of Minnie’s future. So look for PMB to be in it for sure. Also Nick Schultz might be the top pairing defender ottawa is looking for… then clutterbuck and perhaps almond. Going back to the Wild Heatley, Kelly, Picard

    Ottawa gets… PMB great scoring, passing and back checker would look great along side spezza and kovalev/alfredsson. Schultz great leader, puck mover, and very solid in his own end. (Struggled in the defensive system of minnie and would thrive in a more aggressive offensive system in ottawa) Clutterbuck great intensity, with some scoring up side… would be good to round out bottom six, and almond good power forward prospect and some depth for bingo while he develops.
    Wild gets… Heatley top 3 scorer in nhl, kelly a player they have looked at and a player they need to improve there PK and picard a gret offensive minded defender who would help the PP with MAB most likely leaving.

    Bouchard Spezza Alfredsson
    Sykora Fisher Kovalev
    Foligno Shannon Clutterbuck
    Ruutu Winchester Neil

    Schultz Kuba
    Phillips Volchenkov
    Campoli Karlsson/lee


    this cap is around 51mil… seeing smith’s is on long term ir, schubert is moved… (sykora 2.5 same he made last year, and karlsson around .8? just a guess) its around around 52.5 with dovonan and lee.

    looks pretty good.
    just a guess but i think minnie will get something done. and i like the idea of them building it around PMB and schultz

  3. Master of Puppets Says:

    OK, I’ll play your silly WTF game …

    Dallas sends Ribeiro, Neal, a 2nd rnd 2010, and a 2nd rnd 2011 pick for
    Heatley, Picard and Schubert.


  4. Master of Puppets Says:

    Gongshow, we must have been sharing part of the same brain cell when building the OTT package. I read the other 2 entries after I posted.

    Dallas has cap space plus needs more experienced D. With Zubov out I’m surprised they didn’t try to sign Morris (or somebody with a nose for the net). Obviously Picard and Schub don’t fit the bill as top 3 D, so I’d look for Dallas to make a move for somebody before the start of camp, their D corps looks like shite. Schub would probably fall into a defensive forward role there too but can fill in on point.

    Heatley and Richards would induce some pretty big erections in Texas
    and we know they like stuff big …

  5. To Phoenix: Dany Heatley, Christoph Schubert
    To Ottawa: Kyle Turris, 1st rounder in 2010

  6. Bobby, that’s the craziest one yet…I LIKE it!
    It would certainly make a splash in a city desperate for one.

  7. if your this guy, he would trade Thorton for Heatley straight up. Thing is we already have a guy that can do what Thorton brings, and his name is Spezza.


    I think star power for star power makes sense in that Teams won’t feel they mortgaged the future. But it would need to make sense for both teams, and not just because.

    Having said that, I would take Thorton.

  8. Master of Puppets Says:

    The difference between JT and Giggles is Joe will hit a little more. This type of deal would be weird … on the same line who would shoot the F’n puck? It would make for a 2 line 1-2 punch for a couple of years, but then what after Alfie and Kovalev are gone? I’m expecting Alfie will decline a bit by then, 2nd/3rd line minutes with PP time. Who would be brought in to score? Never happen – #1 Cs don’t come along very often …

    On Turris (and pardon my ignorance): is he that good?

  9. CBJ sends Nikolai Filitov, Manny Malhotra, Kris Russel, 1st round pick 2010

    OTT sends Dany Heatly,

    CBJ gets a proven scorer who has chemistry with heatly, while sending off malhotra to get rid of salary

    Ott gets a top prospect, midline D who can move the puck and a 1st rounder

  10. "D" Fence Says:

    To Philly:
    Dany Heatley

    To Ottawa:
    Simon Gagne
    James van Riemsdyck
    2010 2nd round pick

    Philly gets a former 50 goal scorer which makes their 1st line just scary assuming Giroux builds on last year’s pace.

    Ottawa gets a good replacement on the LW and a solid prospect who should be able to crack the line up easily… and of course the pick only sweetens the deal.

    Salary-wise , I think Philly would have to shed some salary afterwards to get under the cap….

    This will never happen, but wtf?

  11. Here’s one I proposed a little while ago on HTR:

    To BOS: Heatley, Kelly, Bass, Lee, cond. 1st rnd pick (if Kessel signs for under 3.8 mil long term)

    To OTT: Phil Kessel, Patrice Bergeron, Byron Bitz, Matt Hunwick, 2nd

  12. Trade him, shubert,and smith to anyone who will take him for a first, 2 second and 2 third round picks, then take the cash and sign Sykora and Tanguay. Would also get us under the cap and refil the breadbasket for the next few years

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