The Time Is Now…Or Is It?

Is Spezza ready to emerge?

No doubt the stars are aligning for the supremely talented play-making centre to finally grab a hold of the Senators torch, and lead them into the next decade.

Everyone knows Alfredsson is the Senators captain, and will remain so until he decides to either relinquish the role, or retire.

But, like it or not, Alfies career will eventually begin to show its wear and tear on both his body, and his production.

Will Spezza be there to replace him?

Prior to the Heatley saga, this would be a difficult thing to consider.  With Heatley, Fisher, and Phillips wearing the “A’s” it was hard to fit Spezza into the leadership ascendancy.

But my how things have changed.

Suddenly, the former whipping boy, is looking like the teams only remaining elite offensive talent.  No longer is he to be expected to simply feather Heatley the one timers, he’ll be exected to do it all.  Score, set-up, and control the play.

Some may think this is a lot to ask, supposedly out of the blue, but, when one looks at Spezza’s development, maybe not.

The fact is, public criticism aside, Spezza has been developing as a player.

While those around him have remained static (Kelly, Alfredsson), or taken a step back (Fisher, Heatley), Spezza has continued to increase his goalscoring and defensive play.

With an average of over 33 goals a season, in the past 3 seasons, Spezza has emerged as a serious scoring threat, not just a play-maker.

He has also been experimented with on the PK.  Most notably, he’s often finding himself out in the final seconds of games in which the Sens sport a one goal lead.

He was shunned by Team Canada.

He’s lost his wing man (crutch?).

He’s gained some respect from the fans, even if by default.

Will he take that next step?

I sure hope so.



One Response to “The Time Is Now…Or Is It?”

  1. I think you’re 100% correct here. Spezza has made lots of strides this past season, and he had a really good World Championship. I see him only improving.

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