Blues ‘N’ Clues

From the Ottawa Sun;

“Bell’s lawyer, Larry Kelly, held talks with Senators GM Bryan Murray, who is trying to move either Picard, veteran Jason Smith or Schubert before camp in September.”

From TFP, commenting on the Blues lack of bodies on the back end;
“As of right now, we are who we are,” Blues president John Davidson told the Post-Dispatch. “If we find a deal that makes sense, we’d go look at it, whether that’s a signing or whether it’s a trade. But I can’t go spend $3 or $4 million just because I don’t know if a player is going to be back or not. I don’t want to run out and sign an expensive player and find out that Eric (Brewer) can play. That doesn’t make any sense.”

A match made in heaven?

The Sens have to do something on the blue line, and would be happy with picks in exchange for clearing some salary.



5 Responses to “Blues ‘N’ Clues”

  1. I’d rather a deal with SJ or EDM than picks. Blues have nothing to offer that I’m interested in and picks aren’t enough.

    Some new rumours are puttin Vlasic as part of the SJ deal. I would love if that happened, what do you think?

  2. I don’t think GN is talking about moving Heater to the blues, but maybe move some of the defensemen Ottawa has.

    I think this could be the start of the dealing. St louis needs help on defense, Eric Brewer is gunna miss alot of the season and Eric Johnson is coming of a major knee injury, so nobody know how he’ll do this season, so St Louis is in need of some help on defense and ottawa has plenty of them. Now if say smith and schubert get moved, that frees up some cap space, when mean ottawa could take on some more salary, which means that opens more possablity for BM to trade Heatley

    I like how this is starting to play out

  3. The Blues haven’t gotten good by taking on old players with bad salaries. They may trade for a defenceman, but it sure won’t be with Ottawa.

  4. Sorry my bad, I misunderstood your point. But if the Blues want something that will allow us to dump salary I’m all for it. I don’t think Smith is what they’d be looking for but Schubert is considered as an asset for some teams. What other defensemen do you think are trade bait?

  5. schubert and picard are not old or overpayed, so why wouldn’t the blues be interested in them?

    Picard is decent on the PP and schubert is a ok 6th defensemen and honestly they could probably get these guys pretty cheap (could probably get schubert for a bag of pucks lol)

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