Heatley Chatter

There is some chatter out (Eklund) there about Heatley going to the Sharks being done.
The Sun has repeated what you already learned here, that the Sharks are trying to move Marleau, and have interest in Heatley. Same source? I dunno, maybe another voice adding to the credibility of this claim.

As for Eks rumour, I’ve heard nothing similar, or at least not enough to make me believe a 3 way deal is possible. The fact is, the Sharks would have to swap Marleau for several players, to round out their roster, should they move Heatley for a package not including Marleau.

But, I still can’t see it happening without including either ANA or LA, as it would require Marleau to waive his NTC.

After signing Smith, would LA truly have the budget to take on Marleau’s contract, and, with only one year remaining, why?

As for ANA, possibly, but it would cost them a great deal of depth that several good years have left them without.  They can’t afford to absorb him for nothing, and they can’t afford to sell the future to get him…

I still think, at the end of the day, it’s Marleau+, or the EDM package, or bust.

Can’t see it, from a purely logistical point of view.



4 Responses to “Heatley Chatter”

  1. The only thing I’m concerned about it is getting Cheechoo back, we do not need this guy!

    Also, it’s Eklund. I’ll give him the credit if it turns out true but from experiece, this guy barely gets anything right. Also, I would love either Clowe or Seto back form SJ (IF this were true)

  2. Like I said, I’ve heard nothing other than what is available to everyone.
    BUT, one would think, if SJ was not including Marleau, and had to choose among the remaining forwards, Michalek would be the one tagged to go, as his cap hit, and term, is significantly greater than Seto’s (4.334/5yr/UFA vs 1.247/1yr/RFA).
    Sure, for purely cap reasons, if nothing else, I’d prefer Seto, but, Michalek brings some jam up to the top 3 that this team is sorely lacking.

    • Michalek wouldn’t be bad either but him alone isn’t enough. All I care about at this point is that we get this Heatley thing out of the way and we don’t get Cheechoo back in any SJ deal

      • Totally agree, on all fronts.
        I would think it would be something like Michalek and Erhoff for Heater.
        This would make the money near even.
        But would do nothing to mitigate the 4M already paid…a prospect maybe?

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