An Interesting Development…?

Just received a message back from a source that indicated the Preds are after Heatley.  Seriously after Heatley.

At first I was caught off guard.  But the more I considered it, the more it holds merit, albeit, not much.

The Preds remain mired in below average NHL ready talent, and entirely bereft of proven elite skill, at any position outside of defense.

The teams around them all made improvements this off season, while they stood pat.

Having solid prospects, in a less than hockey mad environment, only buys so much slack…and by all accounts, the noose is tightening.

They have the Cap space, they have the assets, and they have the motive.

But do they have the budget, or fortitude, to make a big move.

And of course, would Heatley even acknowledge their existence?

I doubt it.



14 Responses to “An Interesting Development…?”

  1. Shea Weber?

    Doubt Heatley would waive his NTC, but Nashville has quite a bit to offer entertainment wise. Is he a country fan ? LOL


  2. No chance of Weber…Erat, and some prospects I would think…but it’s academic, as I too doubt Heater would waive for NSH.

  3. Suter and Dumont? Two great players for one elite goal scorer to play with Arnott and Sullivan?

    It’s time for the Preds to crap or get off the pot. They’ll literally never make the playoffs without turning some of their assets into one more talented asset.

  4. I can see it happening, though I don’t know if Heatley would waive his NTC. There is very little media coverage there so that’s a added bonus.

    Heatley, Picard for Arnott, Suter, NSH 1st rounder in 2010?

  5. Heatley might accept a trade there, where nobody will bother him. It’s a good way to stay low after being under soo much scrutiny. But with all the SJ rumours floating around, I’m sure he’ll put Nashville on hold like he’s done with EDM

  6. Drive2theNet Says:

    OK, enough, already. Nashville has nothing to offer us worth taking, except for players they are never going to trade, like Weber.

    We’ve officially gone from speculation to madness.

    See you in September. Nothing will happen before training camp.

  7. D2TN…
    It’s probably sad but true.
    I have no clue WTF will happen, or when. But, I’m willing to bet, just for S’s & G’s, it’s a trade NOBODY saw coming, like the Kovy signing.

  8. that is a very likely scenario GN. None of us will see it coming.

  9. Hmm. Looks like the Leafs did a “little” dealing with Calgary. Wayne Primeau is a Leaf now.

    I guess the rumour site (Eklund) fell asleep and missed one 😉

  10. I didn’t hear anyone else mention this, but found this little nugget from two weeks ago at the sporting news: apparently Ottawa is or was interested in Tanguay.

    GN, did you hear that in your circles, or was it nothing? Maybe you mentioned it, but I forget now.

  11. just for fun. If a deal came from out of the blue, where do you think it would come from?

    If I were GM, I think I would try to go to Chicago, and entice them with a LW (Heatley). They don’t really have one, and they have a few players to make it worth Ottawa’s while:

    Keith, (Versteeg, Sharp, or Bolland) and a 2010 1st round pick.

    That would still leave Chicago over cap, so they would need to do something else, but it would put Ottawa under the cap.

  12. KJ I would love to have either Versteeg or Sharp on our team but do you think it makes sense for Chicago to take on Heatley’s contract when they already have Hossa’s and then trying to re-sign Toews and Kane? But Im almost 100% sure that if Heatley doesn’t go to EDM, it will be to a team we never even discussed and personally I’m excited to see what Murray will surprise us with

  13. Sens19, I picked Chicago, since they only have 2 LW listed on their roster. And now Hossa is out until Dec. But, since they have CAP issues as well now (I think they are -4mil at the moment), it would likely have to be Campbell coming back if it were them, since he is the big contract. cambell did consider coming back to Ottawa when he was a UFA.

    Just guessing … lol

  14. Hey KJ,
    No, when it comes to Tanguay I haven’t heard anything. I doubt he would be on Murrays radar though, considering his term demands. Fine by me. I’d rather Zubov or Shannon at < 1M than Tanguay at 4+.
    I like the "outside the box" contest, I'll blog it today.

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