Snyders Take On Heatley’s Trade Request

I actually had to consider whether or not to post these quotes.

Not because they’re at all inflammatory, or that they came out almost a month ago, but because I don’t want to be accused of “piling on”

The fact of the matter is, when it comes to the whole Dan Snyder tragedy, anything said can be seen as un-P.C.

I’ve commented on this before, and maintain my belief that it is not my responsibility to shield Dany from facing the results of his own actions, but I also don’t want to appear to be “revisionist” in my opinion of that fateful night in Atlanta.

I was ready to forgive Dany, and chalk it up to immaturity, mixed with fame, wealth and opportunity.  I’ve done things in my life that could have had similarly dire consequences, so, but for the grace of God…who am I to with-hold forgiveness?

But, it’s Dany’s responsibility to prove it was what we are all prepared to call it, a mistake.  Not a sign, not an indication of his true character.

I don’t know Dany, so I can’t say whether it was a mistake, or a “sign”.

I can only put it into context, based upon his actions after the tragic “mistake”.

The fact is, his recent actions have made him appear selfish, untrustworthy, and spoiled.  The very things one would have thought of him immediately after the tragedy, before the passionate pleas for mercy on the part of Snyders parents.

This is what makes these very comments so intriguing.

How do they feel about Dany’s actions, in the light of their past relationship?

Tonight was the first I had read these comments, maybe some of you have already done so.

I found them rather innocuous, but, considering the source, they remain interesting, all things considered.

Here they are;

“I’m surprised (by the trade request) because he signed a long-term deal (with Ottawa) and was playing in a market that seemed to embrace him,” Snyder said on Tuesday from his home in Elmira, Ont.

“I was surprised (by his request from Atlanta, too, though). I could understand that one because I probably knew a few things that other people didn’t that go on behind the scenes, and it was difficult for him.

“But on the other hand, the Atlanta Thrashers were very, very supportive of him. What (general manager) Don Waddell and the ownership did there for him – it’s a pretty tough thing to repay. And he put them in a tight situation as well.

“I was surprised at it, but I understood it. This one, I really don’t understand.

“He asked to get out (of Atlanta) and he went to a team that he obviously approved of and had some success (with). They went to the (2007 Stanley Cup) finals. What I can see is that he got a lot of support in Ottawa.

“I don’t think it says a lot of positive things on the surface. . . . It sure doesn’t show a good team attitude.”

Snyder said there would have been “a lot of ways” for Heatley to have dealt with the decision by Clouston to reduce his playing time and bump him down to the second power-play unit, rather than just demand to be traded. “Certainly, (dealing with Clouston) behind the scenes would be a lot more effective, and trying to work through it.”


Certainly not.

But, they are certainly not comments defending his actions…this time.



8 Responses to “Snyders Take On Heatley’s Trade Request”

  1. As a once die-hard Heatley fan I always brushed anyone who brought that incident up and never used it against him in anyway. Yes I’m angry at him now and pretty disappointed but I will continue to separate his actions right now from the Snyder incident.

    That was a pure accident which yes it may have been a result of a rich kid being reckless but it doesn’t reflect on his personality. I’m not referring to your statements or the Snyder’s statement but I’ve heard things said about Heatley over the course of this whole saga that made me disgusted and I think it’s unfair. People sometimes get sucked into the whole NHL business thing and forget that after all we are still dealing with humans here.

    By no means am I defending Heatley or his actions and I agree with Snyder’s dad about better ways to deal with Clouston. And I also agree with your assessment of him being selfish and untrustworthy but I don’t agree that the Snyder accident was an indication of Heatley’s selfishness, no one is selfish enough to put his own friend’s life in jeopardy on purpose. And imo nobody should use that accident to deem him a bad person. I think the sooner this whole trade request thing is dealt with, the better off all parties involved even Heatley (and maybe even especially Heatley)

    • That is certainy fair Sens19.
      As I do not know Dany personally, you may well be right that combining the two situations is entirely unfair.
      Or you may be wrong.
      But that’s the thing, neither of us know for sure, one way or the other.
      Ultimately, it resides solely within Heatley’s power to prove they are not related.
      That, fairly, or unfairly, is what happens when you find yourself in his position, both as a celebrity, and a criminal.
      We are all responsible for proving our past indiscetions were mistakes, not endemic character flaws.
      Unfortunately for Dany, his mistake was grave, and his status is public.
      No doubt neither you nor I would face the same degree of public scrutiny, even had we been unfortunate enough to find ourselves in a similar event. But, it is also no doubt that those who do know us, and our past “mistakes”, would use this information when judgeing our subsequent actions.
      If it is true that they remain 2 seperate, and entirely unrelated events, vis a vis his character, then it is a shame he has done nothing to mitigate the reasonable questioning otherwise.
      Again, that remains his responsibility, not mine, or yours.
      This is a very touchy subject, and I want to be clear, I have forgiven Dany…but, I hope he deserved it.

  2. GN .. I enjoy your work ..
    but I don’t think bringing up the Snyder tragedy helps ..
    just my though..

    • I agree Sam, to a point. Like I said, it was the source of the comments that made it interesting.
      I don’t claim to know Dany, but, one would think the Snyders do, making their opinion on all of this more telling, then say an off colour, or spiteful remark from the peanut gallery.
      I appreciate your view, and am certainly sympathetic to it myself…

  3. The thing that bothers me the most is the way that people have used the Snyder incident against him (again not referring to this post).

    First of all, I don’t understand why the media even went to Snyder’s dad in the first place. I just didn’t find it necessary, it just seemed like the media wanted to use Snyder’s dad to make Heatley look more evil and to me that’s just wrong. Either way I’m not against your post in anyway, I always enjoy the discussion that happen here

  4. Its unfortunate that all anyone can do is speculate, since Heatley is not forthcoming into the “why” of his decision.

    It has been suggested now in a public way that drugs are involved somehow by Mr Watters on Leaf’s chat. The Senators organization is a “powder” palace apparently, and Heatley needs to get away from it.


    I don’t know Heatley personally either, and am not in any position to comment on his character, his habits (if any), or his ethics or morality.

    All I know is he asked to be traded from a team that he feels doesn’t value his skills enough to keep him on the top line, and pp unit. Nothing more, and nothing less at this point.


  5. First and foremost, I’d like to thank you guys for such mature, honest, and fair comments.
    As I said in my blog, I was seriously debating whether or not to broach such a sensitive, and potentially divisive subject.
    But, I believed, rightly, you commentors would appreciate the opportunity to reasonably discuss the topic, versus the flame wars that would erupt on other forums.
    I’m once again deeply appreciative of the quality of my readers…I’m lucky, and it is what makes writing this blog worthwhile.
    At the end of the day, like you, I’m just a fan, nothing more, nothing less.
    With that said, I just want to add a few more things.
    The “drug” rumour.
    Thanks for adding that into the mix KJ, as it is something that needs to be aired. But, I refuse to do so in a blog…I just don’t believe it merits such “front page” attention. That being said, thanks to “Another Ottawa Senators” blog for exposing it…I’d rather know about it, than not.
    It remains a circumstance that, frankly, fails to pass the reasonable test. Would management really choose to accept keeping players absing drugs, over a 50 goal scorer? Simply put, no. It’s beyond unlikely, it’s unbelieveable.
    But, let’s say some degree of drug use takes place on the Senators. Certainly within the realm of possibility. Immediately, the premise of “reasonable” to assume that some Sens players use drugs, applies to all other NHL’ers.
    But, if this is in fact the reason for Dany’s wanting to leave, one would have to assume he would be going to a team without any drug issues. This, in the face of reasonable thinking, would be virtualy impossible to either;
    A) predict, or
    B) expect to last, with the ever changing rosters of the NHL.
    It simply doesn’t add up.
    Now, in the face of giving this “rumour” some credibility by even discussing it, turn-about is fair play.
    What if it was in fact Dany with the drug problem?
    And he wants to get away from old haunts, contacts, and influences?
    That, in comaprison, actually holds more merit. But remains ENTIRELY baseless, and without a shred of evidence to support it.
    So that is my take on the Watters commentary.
    As for the Snyder issue.
    What do you think other GM’s do with this information, and Dany’s history?
    We can say it is unfair to hold it against him, but do you really believe at least some GM’s won’t?
    The fact remains, we are all, every day, judged in the court of public opinion (some “public” is bigger than others), not a court of law.

  6. Some of you may find this an interesting read. It’s a blog by the man who was the local Atlanta paper’s Thashers reporter. He also wrote a book about the Dan Snyder accident. I’d say he knows Heatley better than any of us…

    Sounds like Heatley is showing what kind of teammate he really is, and you’re surprised by what is happening? People thought he just needed to get out of ATL because he was responsible for the death of a teammate and couldn’t handle the guilt, and, that once he got to another city, he would get on with his life as a NHL player. However, he is now pulling the same BS in OT.

    I do remember the s-storm that Ottawa fans, Heatley fans, other random fans gave us Thrasher fans when he forced his way out of Atlanta. We explained the specifics of why we were so ticked but they didn’t want to hear it. All they cared about was that the homegrown Canadian boy was coming back. Now a lot of those people are saying the same things about him that we did 4 years ago. The conventional wisdom of the ATL situation was that it was about the car accident. Now you can see the problem is about Dany Heatley.

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