Heatley Update.

O.k., for those of you who dislike “rumours”, and “insiders”, and “sources”, I’d advise you take a pass on this one.  Save yourself the eye rolling injuries, lol!

I had a very insightful conversation with someone within the NHL, but NOT associated with any of the teams I’m going to mention.  So, therefore, NONE of this information came to me first hand.  But, the person with whom I was speaking did receive this information from persons either directly, or closely involved in these discussions.

The fact of the matter remains that, unless you are directly involved in these discussions, there is no way to know anything “leaked” out of these discussions is true, or entirely accurate, for obvious reasons.  I do not have any involvement, or access to those directly involved in any upper management actions anywhere in the NHL.

BUT, I personally believe what I am about to write to be reasonably accurate, based upon the person from whom the information was received, and the “reasonable” test.

Judge for yourselves.

Dany Heatley will NOT play for the Senators next season.  He has made this perfectly clear to all involved.  He has left the team, and will refuse to report, if necessary.

It will not be necessary, as he WILL be traded before camp opens.

Two deals are on the table, both have been accepted by the GM’s involved.

One from the Oilers, which has been “delayed” by Heatley, as the Oilers do not represent one of his “preferred” destinations

One from the Sharks, which has been “delayed” by Marleau, who does not want to leave SJ.

Yes, you heard me, Marleau.

You see, this is a Mexican stand-off of sorts, all being controlled by the two players owning restricted movement clauses.

Heatley wants out of Ottawa, and into SJ.  He knows SJ wants him, but cannot make a trade without moving salary.  That salary is Marleau, who, because of family issues, does not wish to leave SJ.  He isn’t against Ottawa, per se, he simply has no wish to leave SJ.

This is why the Oilers remain involved, and why the Heatley camp has not permanently refused the trade to Edmonton.  The Oilers are Heatleys fall back position.

The Oilers know this, and are willing to wait, believing Marleau will ultimately refuse to waive his NTC.

So, Heatley, with his NMC, has prevented the Oilers and Sens from consummating a deal both GM’s approve.

Marleau, with his NTC, has prevented the Sharks and Sens from consummating a deal both GM’s approve.

Barring a new entrant into the fray, either Marleau or Penner will be skating on the Sens left wing come next season.

This could all go down now, or the day prior to training camp.

The fact is, the Oilers have no options other than Heatley, in regards to an elite scoring winger, so they’ll ride this out.

The Sharks have no option other than Heatley, and must convince Marleau to leave (which is why they’ve threatened to strip him of his captaincy if he remains).

The Sens know they will have one of Penner, Marleau, or Heatley (dressed or suspended) come training camp, and are willing to accept any of the three.

I believe this to be true.



16 Responses to “Heatley Update.”

  1. GN I agree completely ..Heatley .. but refusing to return alfie’s calls and not attendig Spezza’s wedding .. has burnt too many bridges ..
    So if it all fails he’ going to Edmonton .. Notice in both deals the Sens are taking on Penner or Marleau .. players their teams would rather not have .,. but BM likes them both . He tried to get Marleau for Redden .. and he believes he can whip Penner back into his older shape !!

  2. Wow. Great post.

    Regardless of who the source is, this certainly has the ring of truth to it. It’s the first rumour I’ve read which explains the actions (and inaction) of all the major players (Sens, Oilers, Sharks, Heatley, Marleau) over the past several weeks.

    I’ve never thought there was any chance Heatley was coming back – it would undermine Clouston and likely split the dressing room.

    I assume that the Senators organization is using the “Heatley could be back” line because in the absence of a deal they have nothing else that they can sell season ticket packages with.

  3. It just seems more right that Heatley doesn’t return to the Sens. And I’m sure if he has made it perfectly clear to Murray, he’s not going through the whole saga and force him to stay.

    As for the deals, as much as I like Marleau I’d much rather the EDM deal. It’s not fair to anyone to threaten to strip their Captaincy if they don’t waive and I don’t want a player that was threatened to come here. Also, I’m a little biased since I’ve always wanted Cogliano and always thought EDM would never deal him. The thought of it happening alone gets me really excited!

    • Oilmania23 Says:

      Sens19 is right on the money with being excited about Cogliano. The reactions of Oiler fans after hearing the proposed trade was almost universal in that we were excited about finally getting a 50-goal scorer who could be a shooter to play with Hemsky, but devestated that Cogs was heading out of town.

      He’s very entertaining to watch and has shown a nack for raising his game in big moments even with the limited role he’s been allowed to play so far. Whether it’s with the Oilers or Sens, I’d bet the house that he’ll be wearing the C in a few years.

  4. This is the first believable explanation of the stalemate. Nice stuff. I’ve come to terms with the Edmonton players in Penner and Cogs now that Kovalev is in the fold. We’d have legit scoring depth for the first time since Havlat

  5. This whole Heatley showdown has already been ugly and bad, now we just have to hope the return is good and everyone can carry on and resume talking about how much better the whole city of Ottawa is now that Alex Kovalev resides here.

  6. Drive2theNet Says:

    Great post. Frankly, the best I’ve read on this mess. Difficult to assess which trade is better for the Sens until we see the other players moving. If it’s just Heatley for Marleau straight up, I hope BM just says no.

    In any event, if Marleau doesn’t want to leave, it’s dead. That Edmonton deal is looking better each day, although I’d still rather have Gilbert than Smid. If Smith isn’t going back the other way, I want Gilbert in the deal.

  7. Asciutto Says:

    “The fact is, the Oilers have no options other than Heatley, in regards to an elite scoring winger, so they’ll ride this out.”

    I’d say its 50-50 Kessel outscores Heatley over the next three seasons,
    And he looks to be odd man out in Boston.

    I wonder what Boston wants

  8. I’m not sure why you think the Oilers have no other options. There are a number of teams with cap issues including Boston and Philly and they can always go to camp with the status quo and see which of their young guys are ready to step up. A scenario a lot of Oiler fans would prefer to the rumoured trade.

    • In terms of elite talent, no alternate players are available. There are some high cal;ibre players which MAY become available (Kessle, Sharp), but they would command a higher return than Heatley, as they have lessor cap baggage, and are younger.

  9. Marleau was not threatened to lose his captaincy… he offered to give it up, he wanted to stay and he said he would give it to someone else in attempt to show his commitment to the team or something like that… if we could get marleau and cheechoo in a trade that would be unbelievable.
    Marleau Spezza Alfredsson
    Cheechoo Fisher Kovalev

    Thats an unbelievable top 6.

    Great bottom 6 as well (foligno, shannon, neil, ruutu, winchester, regin, bass, smith etc… (possibilities) I left kelly out not cause I don’t want him but we would most defiantly need to dump salary and that is all that makes sense, unless we dump ruutu or neil but i can not see that happening at allll.

    • Offered?…based upon what? And if this is true, honestly, do you want a player who admits they aren’t a good leader, or giving up the leadership role will make a marked difference in team performance? That would not be a workable dynamic, IMO.
      Unlike when Marleau was virtually given the captaincy by McCauley, Wilson has stated he intends to have a “significant voice” in any future decision over who wears the “C”.
      For the record, the quote, from Marleau, is “”We’ve discussed some things and I’m waiting to see how that unfolds,” he said. “But I’ve told Doug that I’m willing to do whatever it takes to get this team to the next level.”
      If you were unwillingly to waive your NTC, and were threatened to be stripped of the “C”, isn’t that how you would reply to a question concerning said situation?

  10. I also heard the Heatly to SJ rumor earlier, and it does make alot of sense for both teams. I hope for the Sens sake, they pull the trigger on this deal as soon as possible.

  11. I hear that the inside opinion of management is that there is a 0% chance of Heatley reporting to camp. Trade is inevitable.

  12. Where’s the Rangers in all of this? I’m sure they still have to be in these rumors, no?

    What about a possibility of a team that hasn’t been mentioned in the rumors, actually being Murray’s dance partner? Gotta love when something like that happens!

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