Poor Bruce, poor street urchins.

After Garrioch’s having scoured the city for a “Big N Short” store sporting a suit in his dimensions, it appears the Heatley sightings are off.

And to think, children in India worked tirelessly dismantling yards upon yards of sail cloth for nothing…another million or so added to the “I hate Dany Heatley” society.

But I digress.

In the absence of anything tangeable to report on (apart from peripheral coaching staff changes), I’ll speak to the recent Heatley info making its way onto the wires.

1. Heatley is a wedding no show – I’ve yet to read anything to confirm wether this was a decision made by Heatley, or by Spezza.  I would assume, it may well have been both, but, this is PURE speculation.  My SPECULATION is that Spez requested Heater either difuse the situation by adressing the media prior to the wedding, or respectfully remain away from the ceremony.  That, to me, would be a reasonable request, and, Heatleys refusal to speak, is well in keeping with his actions to date.

It could also be surmised Heatley refused to attend in order to avoid facing his teammates, or, was requested to not attend.

2. The Kelly Comments – What spin.  This guy would blame needle manufacturers for giving streroid users a bad name.

How anyone can claim the architect of a situation was victimized by said situation, obviously either cannot say anything other than that (in which case, deflect, or refuse to comment), or assumes we’re all idiots.  To add to that the comment that Dany will “have his chance” to commet is just salt on the wounds.  It’s been 5 weeks…his pee wee coach has commeted before him.

3. The “Tapes” – Yes, it would appear the Oilers remain interested, to such a degree as they have sent Heatley some PR tapes about Edmonton in general, and the Oilers specifically.

Does anyone else not think this is like a twice spurned woman sending tawdry photos of herself in hopes of capturing her hearts desire?

It’s now bordering on pathetic.  I’m embarassed for Oiler fans everywhere.

Lastly, The Sharks – Rumour remain rampant that the Sharks remain interested in Heatley.  Is this true, or just a “connecting of the dots”, driven by nothing but speculation?

Personally, I’m hearing NOTHING current about the situation, except what I read in the media.



3 Responses to “Poor Bruce, poor street urchins.”

  1. bahaha, Heatley just broke the hearts of many reporters. This could be very well a ploy to get reporters to think he’s not coming and the secretly come.

    As for Kelly, did anyone really think he wouldn’t defend Heatley. But calling him a victim is a stretch! C’mon is the PA that delusional??

    As for the tapes, pathetic and sad in my opinion. Some fans think they’re glad the Oilers are giving it all they got to land a 50-goal scorer. But to me it’s just sad, and the Oilers shouldn’t bring themselves down to that level. I’m pissed for the Oilers fans and organization.

  2. I am too Sens19.
    The Oilers are an awesome hockey team, with a tremendous history. To see them treated as second class citizens is simply mind boggling.
    BUT, I’d love to see the deal go through…but I’d like to win the lottery too.

  3. Oh I’d love for the deal to go through as well. I’m a huge Cogliano fan and I see lots of potential in Smid. and I’m ok with Penner I guess. I just feel bad for the extent the Oilers management is trying to convince Heatley to come play like they’re asking him to play in a hell hole.

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