The Doldrums

Even GM’s need a break, and generally speaking, the last few weeks of July is the period most NHL management teams take leave of their offices, after having taken leave of their senses earlier in the month.

In the void I’ll restart my “Year End Review” series.

As for the Heatley front…some reports suggest EDM has given up, but there has been nothing official from anyone involved in this debacle.

Who knows, maybe Heatley will do the honourable thing and make a statement prior to inviting mayhem into the Spezza wedding.

I’m not counting on it.



6 Responses to “The Doldrums”

  1. He needs to say something, anything before this wedding or it going to be ruined and imagine how much harder it would be for him to be welcome back in the locker room if hes runing peoples weddings

    i just hope he does the right thing for once, but im not holding my breath

    looking forward to the year end review

  2. Heatley is really good friends with Spezza and I doubt he’s that selfish, he will either say a few words to feed the likes of Garrioch or he won’t show up at all. Even better he should just say he isn’t coming and showing up without the media’s knowledge.

    Btw I just read Eklund’s article about the whole situation and I’m more convinced now this guy shouldn’t have a blog. And why does Heatley feel that Ottawa should pay $4 million for his next year’s play when he is planning to leave?

  3. Eklunds atricle sounds like a regurgitation of kevin lee’s blog. (mr. negativity himself)

    That whole scenario makes little sense. Murray never said they had a “deal” with the rangers. Also, why in the world would he leak to the media? Not a chance, He would have had the conversation privately with Sather if he ever had it at all.

    Back when the iron poker was still hot a few weeks ago, I thought both Edmonton, and Ottawa heard the deal got leaked when it hit the NHL offices, but Heatley had not officlaly given the green light.

    Anyways, its still all just speculation. Not an oucne of fact. (I know Ekland states his blog is rumour, but …)

  4. On the wedding thing. Unfortunately, the media are not going to leave it alone, since it is going to make good tv, and sell papers. That I believe. That is also shitty.

    Another line of thinking would be to actually invite the media to their wedding, and and they could revel in the attention. When Heatley doesn’t show, the media leaves disappointed, and we’ll probably see a headline like “HEATLEY SNUBS BEST BUDDY AS A NOSHOW”. Depends on what kind of woman Spezza is marrying though. Some women like attention. Others not so much.

    Heatley should just stay home (and let poeple know), and let Spezza and his new bride have their day, IMHO. This is the tech age after all, and he could attend virtually via video conference. 😉 Its not far fetched, and they have the $$ to set it up. BUt, are the Spezza’s that nerdy? LOL

  5. I have never seen Murray seem so happy!
    Man, that grin is from ear to ear.

    After hearing Kovalev’s interview today, I am extremely excited to have him as an Ottawa Senator. Man, I am pumped now.


  6. Lol Kovalev had to say all the cliché right things but I’m still excited for him on this team. And to tell you the truth, if Heatley stays we are going to be one fun team to watch!!

    Like I said before, I never liked Kovalev because he always seemed to crank it up against us but now he’s wearing on me, I’m excited. Damn you Heatley, everyone is forgetting that we have some great tools for next year and all they can talk about is Heater wanting out, urghh. I still don’t understand why people are putting us the basement :S

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