To Be Clear…

Some have, and are going to report that it was Murray who “leaked” the Oilers deal.

Don’t believe a word of it.

IF that were true, do you really think the Oilers would still be willing to solve Ottawa’s problem?

The fact is, yes, there was an “offer” from the NYR’s, and Heatley’s camp wanted Murray to take it.  Murray knew it was a bad deal, so refused it, many times over.

Who leaked the deal?

I don’t know, but, to claim it was either Ottawa or Edmonton is shear stupidity.  And any reporting this as “fact” have been suckered in by either a GM trying to cover his ass, or a player rep trying to get his client his wish.



9 Responses to “To Be Clear…”

  1. Agree with you 100% GN!!!!!!

    I can’t believe some of the complete and uttter filth “someone” has been reporting on their blog.


  2. Oh, and apparently Murray is close to getting Elliot signed as reported in the Ottawa Sun this morning.

  3. Another attempt to blame this whole mess on Murray when really he did all he could to maintain a competitive team. He is doing his job as he should, worry about the team as a whole and not about individual players.

    And imo that “someone” shouldn’t be allowed to have his own blog, if we’re both referring to the same blog

  4. Indeed, Sens19, Indeed!


  5. There is one blogger in particular making every effort to slam Sens management, yet, if you read his blogs, they entirely lack even basic NHL hockey knowledge.
    Like I said, I can’t know anything for a fact, but, between what I’m told, what I gather, and what passes the “reality” test, there’s no way the Sens shat their own bed just to try to pressure another team…it lacks even an ounce of credibility.

  6. Murray isn’t stupid, he probably knows if he had intentionally leaked the Oilers players involved he could risk losing both offers from Rangers and Oilers. The fact that the Oilers haven’t officially pulled out yet proves there is no bad blood between the two managements and Heatley is the only factor on the wait.

    I personally don’t give an ounce of my time to people who trash my team or its management, no team is perfect and Murray has done his best and is continuing to do so to make our team and our farm team even better

  7. No way I believe, even for one second, that the Sens management leaked the Oliers trade. No one, not even the “blogger” saw the Kovalev signing. Mr. Murray runs a very tight ship as far as I know.

    Same here. It is one thing to have an opinion, and it is another thing entirely to make outrageous statements in a public form that have not one basis of fact behind them.

  8. If anyone has learned anything from watching Murray function in the past, is that almost everything he does comes at a complete surprise to everyone including the Kovalev signing

  9. Woozle man Says:

    Agreed whole heartedly. Neither team benefits from having the details of the deal made public. This hockey blogger you speak of runs a sensationalist site, where he will write anything to get hits, and has never to my mind shown any sign that he is able to think independently.

    You don’t have to be a reporter to be a blogger, but you should be able to think and comment on what you hear.

    There were three parties that were involved in the negotiation. Neither the Oilers nor the Senators benefit from making the deal public. Who’s left? Doesn’t take Sherlock Holmes to crack this case.

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