The Road To Hell…

In my experience, sometimes the road to hell truly is paved with the best intentions.

Nothing forced Murray to consider Heatleys trade demand.  He could have, even when publicly exposed, point blank refused his demand.

But he didn’t.

Now, I’m not going martyr him, no doubt his actions haven’t been entirely altruistic, but there remains no doubt that this situation was not his choice.

As was reported yesterday, the Oilers may be losing patience with Heatley.

The real question is, why haven’t they told him to get stuffed already?

There remains talk of other offers, but when one looks at the rumoured teams involved, it quickly becomes apparent that these teams face particular challenges in absorbing such a significant contract as Heatley’s.

It remains my contention that, ultimately, this all rest in Heatley’s hands.  Ottawa isn’t going to blink.  They’ve re-tooled their roster to ready themselves to face the 09/10 season without Heatley, and have laid the groundwork for Heatley’s return, should he choose this option.

Would OTT trade him to a team of his choosing?  Absolutely, but, not out of desperation, because, frankly, they’re not desperate.  The rumoured offer from SJ is Marleau and Cheechoo.  This would require OTT to WORSEN their cap situation, without addressing their strategic needs, all in order to accommodate Heatley, and the Sharks.  This is not going to happen.

The rumoured demand from OTT is Marleau, Setoguchi, Petrecky + 2010 pick(s) if $4M advance cannot be re-couped.

This deal would still leave OTT facing a cap crunch, but would provide the depth necessary to round out the top 6, re-stock the forward ranks, and provide additional depth at defence going forward.

By remaining coy, and not accepting the EDM offer, Heatley obviously still believes he will have his cake, and eat it too.

Who does he think will blink?  OTT or SJ?  One would hope he knows something we don’t, otherwise, he’s taking one heck of a big gamble.

Will his strategy prove wise?  Will he get his trade, to his desired team?  Who’s to say, but, unlike Heatley, the rest of the league operates in the real world, and needs to act accordingly.

In refusing to speak with anyone from the Senators (reportedly), it would certainly appear Heatley is tacitly stating he will not be returning to Ottawa.

Tick, tock.



5 Responses to “The Road To Hell…”

  1. CoLiN69J Says:

    Should be interesting to see if he makes Spezza’s wedding…

  2. As much as I think it would be great for the team to have him back, I’m finding it difficult to believe that no friction will happen in the dressing room and from experience that can be worse than missing a top-6 forward.

    As for the trade, Murray won’t blink his sole purpose at this point is to make the team better and if that includes keeping disgruntled Heatley here then that’s what’s going to happen. Unless SJ starts unloading cap space via trades I don’t believe they’re THAT interested in Heater. And personally I don’t think Marleau is a good fit here

  3. Tim MacNeill Says:

    Uhm, Merleau and Setoguchi together poster 69 goals last year. for a total of $7.15m. Heatley got 39 for $7.5. Why would San Jose ever do that trade? Especially with a prospect and a pick tacked on?

  4. Tim MacNeill Says:

    And I would take Merleau and Cheechoo if they would take Smith and Schubert the other way. Cheechoo is a gamble because he seems to be in decline, but he is a former 56 goal scorer, maybe a new team will shake him up. And he will do more than Smith and Schubert would. This addresses strategic interests in that the team needs two top six forwards. The defense is coming through prospects already in the system. The only long term strategic interest this does not address is for forward prospects. Setoguchi would be nice, but at under $1m for a 30 goal guy, there is no way they will get rid of him

  5. I’m torn on what to think, as far as Heatley’s concerned.
    I mean, there’s no disputing the fact that we could really use his scoring prowess, but at what cost? I mean, if he’s going to split the dressing room, like we saw with the whole Emery vs. Gerber situation, then 40 goals isn’t worth it. However, if he can mend some fences, and play his ass off, then we’d be stupid not to welcome him back.

    That said, I don’t really think he’ll be back. If that were an option for him, I would have to assume he’d have gone public with SOME KIND of statement by now, just in case.

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