Could Heater Swallow Home-Made Crow Pie?

With the 09/10 schedule now out, it gives Heatley a look at what he’ll face, should he return to the line-up in Ottawa.

The Sens will begin the season playing the vast majority of games at home (15 of first 23 gp), giving Heater little chance at avoiding the humbling experience skating at SBP is sure to be.

Another note able about the schedule is it’s compression.  Being an Olympic year, Ottawa has few multiple days off within the season, apart from the 2 week Olympic break in late Feb.

Roster depth is sure to come into to play this year, as any injury will be met with a number of games missed simply due to the number of games played per month.

Edmonton and Vancouver will make rare visits to the nations capital, Nov 10th and Feb 4th respectively.


One Response to “Could Heater Swallow Home-Made Crow Pie?”

  1. The fact that the Sens are at home a lot at the beginning doesn’t have to be all bad. You never know, if he plays really well for a long period of time infront of the home crowd, throws a few sticks to the kids, and tries to communicate with the fans amending his image and regaining the fan base’s respect isn’t that far fetched. Also, it’s definitely easier to win back fans’ hearts when you’re playing at home imo.

    On the other hand, if he continues to act like the selfish arrogant jerk he’s acting like right now and doesn’t play as expected then that’s a whole different story, and we here in Ottawa know how to treat people like that 😉

    It’ll be interesting though if Heater gets traded to the Oilers, they come in town so soon into the season and I wonder what the fans’ reaction will be then since he’s now in a visitor’s jersey and it would still be fresh. You can’t deny all of us are to some degree really bitter about this whether he comes back or not, some things can’t completely fixed. Maybe they can be made a little better but they’ll never be the way they were before

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