For Those Of You Watching At Home…

Just checking out a game on ESPNc, a 2005 match between MTL and BOS.  Normally I’m not into watching retread games, but with the recent acquisition of Kovalev, this match peaked my interest, so I thought…mow the lawn, or do a little research.  Being a slave to the grind that I am, I cracked open a beer, and got down to business.

One thing that has really stood out has boon Kovy’s physical play.  I’m not saying he’s Iginla, or anything crazy like that, but, against a physical team in Boston, Kovy made some room for himself in determined one on one battles versus such big bodies as Hal Gill.

In fact, in terms of physicality, he looks a lot like Alfie, albeit in this one match.

Another sequence that stood out was a goal he set up to make it 2-2.  After skating back hard on the back-check, Kovy blocked a shot in the slot, then immediately turned over the loose puck, putting the Habs onto the offense.  He drove to the net, but by the time the pass from Koivu reached him, he was already steeping onto the icing line.  With a pass from out of a Disney movie, he back passes to Koivu, giving him the easy tap in.  Kovy did this all on the fly, having to reach back across his body to dish the puck back to Koivu.  It was a thing of beauty.

It left me thinking…what kind of damage can he do with Spezza?

I’m getting excited.



6 Responses to “For Those Of You Watching At Home…”

  1. I have wanted Kovalev for about 10 years. This guy has amazing instincts.

    It was similar to when we had Hasek. He refused to play.

    I was thinking “Hasek….a tired version of you is still better than Lalime on a good day”

    Kovalev will also teach Spezza stuff, and can handle the puck like Alfie.

    Amazing…..gettin pumped!!!!

  2. GN,
    I love the way you think! 🙂 Mow the lwan, or pull oput a cold one and watch ESPNc. I would have made the same choice. lol

    I am super pumped about Kovalev being on our squad.


  3. I have to say I never liked Kovalev much, but the more I think of it the main reason I didn’t like him was because he was so damn good against us lol. Now that he’s here, let’s go KOVALEV!! It also helps he’s overly optimistic and thinks we can win the Cup soon 😉

  4. Little Jon Says:

    Getting Kovalev will help with the lose of Heatley’s 40-50 goals.. I still believe Heatley is gone since they signed Kovalev.

  5. I am very happy with the offseason so far, theres still lots to do but so far, it has been very successful. Now it all still rides on the heatley trade, but i think with or without him, this team is going to well very well next season and i think we are all very excited for the start of the seaon

  6. Kovalev has scored more than 26 goals four times in his career, three of those times he did it with Mario Lemieux as his center. Since Mario in his prime is not on the Senators you can more realistically expect ~25 goals from Kovalev.

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