Here’s Hoping…

For those of you who watched the wonderful Joe Sakic retirement, I’m sure, at some point you, like me, thought of Dany Heatley.

If by chance Mr. Heatley did watch that ceremony, and heard the words, and saw the emotion of those speaking about Joe Sakic the player, the father, the team-mate, and most poignantly, the man, maybe, just maybe the reality of his current actions will make him take a moment of reflection.

Nobody believes Joe Sakic was happy everyday.  He wasn’t always content with himself, his team-mates, management, or the coaches.  He didn’t always post “all star” numbers.

But he played hard, he worked hard, he was dedicated to his team, from stickboy to owner, and he never lost focus of the fact that it takes every member of the team contributing 100%, in order to be victorious.

He wasn’t about hinself, he was about the team.

As Adam Foote said, the moment he gave the Cup to Ray, instead of raising it himself, as was his right and privilege as Captain, said everything about being a real winner.  In that one moment he achieved a greatness far beyond anything that the mere raising of a chunk of metal could signify.

Joe abdicated his personal glory, at its penultimate moment, and for doing so, became all the more glorious.

The game will be poorer without him.



One Response to “Here’s Hoping…”

  1. It’s a real shame he didn’t get to play a full last season. What a great player, a class act and a man of great character. He has given the game all he did and loved it more than anything. He surely will be missed, not only by Avalanche fans but all Hockey fans. It would’ve been nice to see him wear the Maple Leaf one more last time, but what are we to do.

    As for Mr.Heatley, if there is anyone that can inspire him then might as well be Joe Sakic. Watching any great player retire such as Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman, Sakic and many more we all get that shiver looking back at what these people accomplished and how much they mean to other people and all the respect they get from people all around the game. Dany Heatley would surely want to have that kind of honour when his time to leave comes, he has to, how can any hockey player not want that? Heatley will never become a Sakic even before the whole recent saga occurred but he sure as hell can retain some honour and dignity among his fans and among his fellow NHLers

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