Another Thought On Auld

I’d just like to add that, gaining a 6th rounder for Alex was a very solid return.

The fact was, every GM knew OTT had to do something to address the cap, and also knew the Sens had a log jam in goal.

They could have easily waited for the waiver wires, and paid nothing.

Don’t get me wrong, a 6th is all but worthless in terms of likelihood to play in the NHL, but the fact it consummated a deal whereby Auld is off the books, not in limbo in the minors…well, that in itself is value, for all involved.



9 Responses to “Another Thought On Auld”

  1. I completely agree, GN.

    It would be a disservice to a guy like Auld to end up shipping him off to Bingo, or to buy him out. He does not deserve a fate like that.

    No matter what happens, people will always disagree with a GM when it comes to difficult decisions he makes, or fails to make… but I have to throw BM my support on this one. It may not be the return most people were looking for, but it helps (a bit) with our cap crunch, and will give a decent guy like Auld the chance to truly shine, and perhaps FINALLY land the deal he wants and deserves (at least in my mind).

    Not only that, but what did we REALLY expect to get in return for a career backup goalie, regardless of whether or not he’s earned that title?

  2. 6th rounder may not be great, but its a pick… and if I remember correctly, a certian captian of ottawa was drafted in the 6th round…. hmmmmm

  3. Auld was great for us and did the best he could but I was shocked at how many people are so angry at BM for trading him? They claim Elliot isn’t quite NHL ready yet (which I somewhat disagree with) and that Leclaire will probably end up getting injured and then we’re really screwed. Why is Sens Nation always so pessimistic?

    And about the return, I fully agree with you. Auld has done nothing to us to deserve being waived and a 6th rounder isn’t as bad as people claim

  4. Not sure what poeple expect the market is for a backup goalie, who did struggle at times.

    Although his salary was relatively cheap, 1mil is 1mil, and it has come off now.

    I think it is Ottawa’s nature to assume the worst.
    I am actually more excited now about next season than I was a few weeks ago.

  5. I agree KJ, people are portraying our team to become on of the worst in the NHL next year and I personally don’t know why. Other than the Heatley saga we have somewhat improved. We finally have another top-6 scorer who will help with or without his majesty Heatley’s presence, for once we have a quality #1 goalie, and our defense should shape up good with the addition of Karlsson (crosses fingers). And let’s not forget how Clouston got the boys playing at the end of the season.

  6. Man I lve reading the comments on this site.
    So many other sites have brutal comments…you guys know your stuff.
    As for OTT next season, I’m certainly optimistic. Part of that is being a fan, but, I’m pretty knowledgeable about the game, and Ottawa has a solid team.
    If Leclair plays like the #1 he’s projected to be, and Lee improves his game, as he was at the end of last season, I believe 2/3rds of Ottawa’s issues are resolved.
    The scoring issues last season, I believe, were a result of poor conditioning, and poor coaching.
    If Murray can pull off a trade for Heater that lands another top 6, and, dare to dream, a top 4 Dman, this could be a very good year.

  7. GN,

    I realy enjoy reading your site.
    GR8 stuff.

    I think it will still work with Heater in the fold. If the players can accept him back, then that is good enough for me. I play hockey and have been most of my life, but not anywhere close to their level, but I certainly understand how they do not take anything personal. (Sens players that is). It is a business after all, and that is much different than a beer league where your buddy told you that you couldn’t play on “his” team anymore, cause you weren’t up to snuff.Heck, we pay to play.

    THe desire to win is so all consuming, you lose site of whom you hurt on the way to the top.

    I appreciate guys like Sens19 who see through the propeganda, and negativity.

    Its ok to root for your team! LOL

    I love the fact we are talking hockey in July. Ha.

    Go Sens Go!


  8. well sensay, the good comments just come with your great blogs. Keep it up.

    KJ, thanks. What kind of fans would we be if we didn’t see the best in our team eh? 😉 And hell yeah: GO SENS GO!!

  9. Auld is a solid backup but he doesn’t have a future as #1 keeper, and Ottawa is trying to give a chance to the younger guys to be that true #1. Leclaire will hopefully be the answer, but his injuries put a big question mark on that. Elliott did a good job with his first taste of NHL experience, and he’ll likely just get better since he’s only 24, so for me it makes sense to make him a back up and challenge Leclaire for the top job and trade Auld.

    Like others who have posted, I am very excited for next season and I don’t think it’s a stretch to say Ottawa has a realisitic chance to contend next year if things fall into place.

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