Auld Man Out

With the cap crunch drawing nearer, Auld takes the first hit.

As a back-up, and short stint #1, Auld brought some spectacular performances in Ottawa.  But, as through-out his career, once he seemed to gain a real shot at #1, his performances began to slip.

With Elliott coming in to replace Gerber late last season, and raising some eyebrows with his steady performances, and record breaking winning streaks, it came as no surprise that Auld’s services as the Sens back-up was at an end.

Too bad for Auld, who was excited about having signed the first multi-year deal in his NHL history.  It was clear he was hoping to have some semblance of stability in Ottawa.

Now he’ll have to make another new start in the lone star state.

Thanks for the great performances Auldsy, here’s hoping it all comes together in Dallas, and you can finally grow some roots.



3 Responses to “Auld Man Out”

  1. I guess it’s a cap thing but I don’t like this move. We were finally getting some depth in nets and we traded it away for a 6th rounder. 😦

    Elliott has shown some skill, but his consistency needs some work (his record winning streaks with the Sens came with a LOT of help from the goal scorers). I would have liked to see Elliott spend one year in Bingo (with Brodeur as his back-up) while Auld finished his final year in Ottawa.

    Leclaire has a history or injuries so it’s entirely possible that he could tweak something again. In that situation are we comfortable putting the whole load on Elliott? Who would be his back-up?

  2. Don’t fret FM. We have some depth again at G. Brodeur will be getting games in Bingo, and Lehner will be getting used to the NA game with the Soo.

    From all reports at the development camp, we have a top goalie in the system in Lehner. We also have the 1st undisputed #1 in the big time. Players get injured all the time. Not too worry. We have one of the best medical and training staffs in the business, IMHO.


  3. FM,
    Rushing goaltenders is rarely a sound decision.
    But, Elliott had little to gain by another year in Bingo. In fact, exposure to the NHL, it’s trainning and medical staff, and “big league” opposition, even if only in practice, will allow Elliott to develop without the pressure of being thrust into #1.
    Should Leclair go down, then obviously Elliott would be forced to play starter, but, honestly, would Auld have been much better?
    IMO, if Leclair proves to be unable to remain healthy, the sooner Elliott is ready, the better.
    But I understand your point of view, and it certainly has merit.

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