Trade Proposal…

This is purely fictitious, and for discussion purposes only, not a rumour.

Now that Kovy is signed, and OTT is under less offensive pressure, but more cap pressure, would you consider this deal for Heatley?

Heatley (and his 4M), Schubert

To EDM For

Penner, Schremp, Eberle, MSP.

I like it myself.  It’s no great shakes for a player of Heatleys skills, but within the context of his behaviour, the Sens salary issues, and depth problems, it sure solves a lot of strategic problems in one stroke of the pen.



9 Responses to “Trade Proposal…”

  1. Little Jon Says:

    Penner, Cogliano, Eberle and either MSP or 1st rounder in 10′

    That is a better deal.

    With Heatley and Smith going the other way.

    Let Schubert walk down waivers lane.

    Ottawa clears cap room as well as brings in a ton of young talent.

  2. Sure I like that better, but EDM is getting hosed, from both on salary, and depth. If Murray could land that deal, I’d shat myself.

  3. Edmonton would be way overpaying in that deal.

  4. Haha, both.

    I’m happy with Penner, Cogliano, and Smid. Ideally, though, I’d prefer Penner, Cogliano + 1st rounder in 2010.

  5. Little Jon Says:

    Chris & sensay,

    Heatley @ 4 Million for this season is a steal and a half.

    There are only (2 or 3) 50 goal scorers in the league. And getting one for half price is worth more.

    Think of Ovechkin @ 4 million he would bring in so much more than at around 8 million. (not comparing Ovechkin to Heatley)

    From the original trade I swapped Smid for Eberle and added a 1st.

    I think that’s worth a 4 Million dollar pay cut on a 50 goal scorer. Remeber he is one of few.

  6. Little Jon Says:

    In fact … you could keep smid in and just add the 1st… MSP would also be considered.

    So the deal would end up being

    Penner (overpaid), Cogs, Smid and a 1st


    Heatley (half price this year) and Smith

  7. Sure, you’re getting Heatley at “half price” for this year – but the cap hit remains at $7.5M. Not to mention you’re stuck with the contract for five years. Is Heatley worth Penner, Cogs, Smid, and 1st? Yes. But will EDM offer that much? No.

  8. Can’t trade Smith until he comes off IR. So, he is untradable.
    I think Smith retires, and heads into the Sens org in some capacity.

    I am not interested in Schremp at all.

    Give me MSP though.

    Penner, Cogs, Smid, and MSP.


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