Columbus chatter…

It’s out there that CLB is interested in Heatley.  I’ve not heard this personally (I’ve asked around, and been told there’s no truth to it), but that hardly precludes the possibility, to say the least.

So, let’s kick this one around a bit.

Yes, Columbus is an improving team, as witnessed by their strong play last season, and post season appearance.  But, it was also obvious the team lacked both experience, and scoring, to do any real damage in the play-offs

Nash and Heatley sure do have a pretty past, and with Heaters ability to play the RW (actually prefers it), a lucky pivot could line up with a pair of snipers on both sides.

What about the cap?  Sure, CLB could do it, but the real issue is the internal budget.  With both Nash and Heater signed to long term big money deals, this would be a major commitment on the part of the Jackets, a commitment they’ve never made in the past.  Who knows, maybe a taste of the post season whet the whistle of management.

So what would be the cost?

Well, with the 4M already paid out, it will take a solid offer, an offer as good or better than the one on the table from EDM.  One also has to consider that, even with the 4M already paid out, CLB is unlikely to want to sign impending RFA’s to competitive contracts.

This leaves available;

Brassard, Filatov, Russell, Voracek, and Boll.

The first name to jump out is Brassard.  Obviously, of the names on that list, that’s the one the Jackets would least want to part with, as neither of their “core” guys would be centres, and Brassard is certainly preferred to Umberger.  I can’t see him being included, just for strategic reasons.

But what about Umberger?  Having Vermette on the team makes for a solid one, two at centre (with Brassard).  I’ll make it Umberger.

Next would have to be Filatov, and with 2 solid wingers, Filatov is expendable, in an effort to improve your team.  Include Filatov.

Russell.  Isn’t this kid a Sen yet?  He’s been traded on paper about a thousand times already.  So skip him, make it RFA Dman Methot instead, a local boy who can play big body defense.

Lastly, to compensate for the 4M already paid.  CLB can’t take on much more salary, and they’ve already dropped 3 roster players, so another’s out as compensation.  It would have to be either a pick, or accepting an additional player.  They would likely rather give up a pick, so lets call it a 2010 1st.

That’s just talk, but, for fun, here’s my deal

Umberger (3.75M), Methot (RFA), Filatov (.875M), 2010 1st – Total Out 4.625M

Heatley (7.5M) – Total Out – 7.5MM

This would net CLB an additional 2.875M (less what Methot would have earned), and the loss of 2-1/2 roster players.  That’s no small potatoes for a financially struggling club.  But, they create a top line of epic proportions.

Ottawa rids itself of Heatley, and gains a gritty, NHL proven, top 6 forward.  They gain what might prove to be a Havlat like talent in Filatov, and another young blueliner.  The pick is gravy, and partial compensation for the 4M already paid.


Oh, and the whole will Dany waive to CLB…that’s beyond my ability to predict, so why bother.



3 Responses to “Columbus chatter…”

  1. Master of Puppets Says:

    It’s better than a kick in the nuts with a frozen skate … in the middle of January on the canal. Dare to dream. Columbus has cap space but would they spend much more than they are at now? If the net increase is 2.5 they might do it, who knows. If Heatley doesn’t move who is most likely to be dealt.

    Burke has built quite the D conundrum for the Laffs – if nothing else the Battle of Ontario will be interesting this year – maybe a lot of low scoring games. They aren’t the pushovers they looked like last Tuesday. 😦

  2. Woozle man Says:

    This rumour, while a great would be trade for the Sens, will never happen. CLB can’t afford another giant salary.

  3. Woozle, totally agree, it’s a non starter, but as I’ve been told, CLB is not in on any Heatley talk.

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