Kovy a Sen (Official as per NHL) – Sens Press Conf. 4:40 p.m

Kovy, a RW offensive dynamo, signs a 2 year deal, $5M per, with the Ottawa Senators.

Combined with Spezza, should he play on the top line, Kovy has the ability to replace the offense lost with an eventual trade of Dany Heatley.

I’m not bothered by the salary.  I’m more concerned about Kovy’s consistency.  Is this a guy that can do what it takes to win the Cup?  Or only enough to tease, but ultimately leave you wanting?

But, at $5M, this is factored in.  This is not “elite” money, but, should he actually decide he IS going to win…he is an elite player.

I really like the 2 yr. part.

All in all it is a good deal, not a great one, not a bad one.

IF Murray can wrangle some assets for Heatley (a bona-fide top 6 such as Cogs) and should Kovy, even if hot and cold, remain a scoring threat, teams will need to respect his presence, allowing the secondary scorers a chance to do their thing.

Also, Spezza is a marked upgrade for Kovy, so who knows what this could turn into.

Am I hopping up and down in excitement?  No.

Am I tearing out my hair…absolutely not.

I’m guardedly hopeful this is a move by Murray, knowing there is more to come.  I believe Kovy was signed to replace Heatley, and Murray has more in the hopper.

Like I said, the cooling off period is over, and Heater and the Sens may be ready to move on, one way or another.



5 Responses to “Kovy a Sen (Official as per NHL) – Sens Press Conf. 4:40 p.m”

  1. official now

  2. OMG… Didn’t see that coming…

  3. Me either…but, he is the best offensive UFA forward left…so, it at least mitigates the inactivity earlier in the FA frenzy.
    Honestly, Cammi or Kovy…pretty much a wash, but Cammi signed a 6yr. 6M per deal making the Kovy deal more manageable should the cap drop substantially.

  4. Master of Puppets Says:

    Now if Heatley recants and he is forgiven maybe with 2 lines to scare the other teams and Cloustons system, the playoffs and a round or two are in the cards. Or maybe its wishful thinking. Hey at least he didn’t sign Comrie for 9M/3yr or something. We get an impact player even if “enigmaticity” is his forte …

  5. Woozle man Says:

    2 year deal is a good one, well done BM.

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