Murray Pulls Off A Two-fer?

In thinking about the Kovy signing, it dawned upon me that Ottawa not only signed the best (and last) remaining offensive UFA, they also made Heatley the last option available for teams looking to add a purely offensive dimension to their team.

A strategic two-fer…nice.

Now let’s capitolize on it!



2 Responses to “Murray Pulls Off A Two-fer?”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    I hadn’t thought of the signing strategically, that’s interesting. Though not without qualification: Alex Tanguay is still available, but is not the same caliber as Heatley. I would argue that Kovalev isn’t either, but he’s closer.

    Very interesting, let’s see how this unfolds. I feel confident that Murray will find some way to get under the cap.

  2. Agreed, Heater is the best of the bunch, but, unlike a UFA, he required assets i return. Tanguay is not even close, he’s a Comrie, IMO.

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