More Musings On Kovy.

He’s been an enigma wrapped in a mega-elite package.

Nobody doubts Kovalev has been one of the most highly skilled players ever to skate in the NHL.  It’s his willingness to put them to use that has been the bone of contention through-out his career.

But, two seasons ago, Kovalev had a renaissance year.  With 34 goals, and 84 points, he led the offensive on a E. Conference winning club.  And what was all the talk?  How Kovalev embraced the mentoring role for the young Russians on the roster.

So what does that have to do with Ottawa?


There is some chatter out of the organization that he’s a flight risk.  Last season he remained in Ottawa, and was truly hoping to make the NHL roster, unfortunately, it didn’t happen, and when he did get a shot, many believe Hartsburg did a poor job of playing to his strengths.

Will a big name Russian like Kovalev make a difference on this kid?

There was no doubting the fact that Kovalev had a big impact on the Kostitsyns, and maybe the Sens are looking to recapture the lightning in the bottle that flashed 2 years ago.

Just a thought.



9 Responses to “More Musings On Kovy.”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Too true. I’ve been hoping for Zubov to get a shot at making the team. While having Kovalev on the roster for the next two years might make him happy, it also makes the likelihood of Zubov’s spot on the roster much lower.

  2. If another top 6 comes in, Zubov will be traded, IMO.

  3. the pez Says:

    Sensay, first off I really like your site. Can’t check it at work but your commentary is very good.

    I was saying at work today to a Habs fan that I thought the Sens would be wise in going after Kovalev (I was going to give him a 1 year deal) and Koivu. Any chatter that Koivu could be on his way here. I feel he is getting a raw deal by the Habs. He would be a perfect #2 centre.

  4. Interesting Pez, but we are now ~1.5 mil and change over the cap. Not sure, but it would likely take 4 mil to get Koivu too.

    Maybe, but we are definitely going to see some contracts leave as well, so you never know.


    • the pez Says:

      According to nhlnumbers, the Sens are 1.3 over, but they have 23 players signed. If Heatlkey gets traded to the Oilers for the three players, basically it’s a wash. So now you have 25 players at 1.3 million over. I think that Jason Smith will retire or get waived, so 2.6 comes off. I could see Schubert being traded for a mid round pick, 883k comes off. For some reason I have a feeling that Jarko Ruutu and his 1.3 million could be moved. Sean Donavan and his 625K could also be moved. So that is a savings of about 5.5 million. That could leave us with about 4 million for Saku. Obviously they would be up against it, but it is fun to think about it.

      So my lines would be:
      1. Spezza-Alfie-Kovalev
      2. Koivu-Foligno-Cogliano
      3. Fisher-Kelly-Penner
      4. Neil-Shannon-Bass

      I personally like this 12 forward group, if it happens, but probably highly doubtful.

  5. I can’t imagine that Ilja Zubov would impact a personnel decision of this magniture ($5M), but it wouldn’t hurt it, for sure. If mgmt feels that Zubov will one day be a legit NHLer, then that can weigh on them. I’m actually a bit surprised that Murray has gone for a Russian when our experiences with them have been few and filled with trouble.

    My thoughts on this trade are so mixed. I’m absolutely not a fan of this guy, but admit that his offence is insane out there. I just hope he lives up to that salary.

  6. There are a lot of ifs out there right now, but, it is within the realm of possiblity that Kovy can replace Heatleys offense, maybe not in total, but in total effect. In other words, maybe not score as many goals, but contribute to as many wins.
    The next big if is where Heater lands. Is it OTT, is it elsewhere?
    Murray has sure put it out there that he’s still available, but what Dany, and the other teams in the NHL will do is yet to be seen.
    Personally, I believe there will be further salary moves off of the roster, in one way or another.
    I also believe the lure to play in the Olympics will force Heater to accept a trade, to a preferred club or not. My bet? It’s done by weeks end.
    Either a preferred team is going to step up with an adequate deal (bad ones are out there), or they won’t. It seems pretty clear Murray isn’t going to budge for a bad deal. If nothing presents itself by the end of the week, Heatley will have to either decide to report, or take a trade.
    If nothing else, the Heatley situation makes for an exciting off season ;).

  7. KJ,
    I’m not hearing anyting. The most I’m getting is denials about certain things (LA, CLB). These, I’m told, are not true. I am being told talks are on going, but nothing more specific than that.
    Put it this way. Yesterday morning I was told to watch for a develpment on the Sens at forward. That’s it. I passed that along in the form of a musing about Heatley possibly being on the move, or willing to make a commitment one way or the other. I had absolutely no inking that Kovy was even on the radar. In fact, I was still under the impression it would get done in Montreal, because Kovy had been pretty frank about not wanting to move his family, and I know he’s an actiive father, and would not want to move away from home. I guess, if I had tied it all together, Kovy could have at least entered into my thoughts, but he didn’t, and nobody said anything about him and Ott talking, which, according to Murray, they have been for some time.
    I hear things, but they’re often second+ hand, and have already been processed both by the original sender, and then by every person along the way, so Ialways take them with a very macro view. I rarely put much stock in specifics, because, unless its done, the specifics aren’t even known to the decision makers, let alone the person passing it on.

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