A Big Day?

With the “cooling off” period over, many believe the next week to be make or break in the “Delusional Dany Heatley” saga.

With SJ being the only remaining “preferred” team yet to make a substantial roster move, and the list of potential FA players dwindling, it’s now or never for them to make a move on Heatley, or find themselves with no alternative.

Should SJ not make an acceptable offer (or any offer at all) Heatley will have to;

1. Decide to re-commit to Ottawa, and take the necessary PR steps to make that as smooth as possible.

2. Accept a trade to EDM (should this be possible).

3. Refuse to report, forego his desire to play on Team Canada, suffer the loss of 1 yrs. income, return the $4M advance, and find himself mired in the exact same situation come next off season.

Not exactly a host of great options, but, that should be the case when trying to extricate oneself form a long term contract, shoudn’t it?



5 Responses to “A Big Day?”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    Yeah basically. I can see him returning to the Sens and patching things up by the time camp is over. Wherever he plays next year, the pressure to perform is on.

  2. You forgot: 4. Play in Russia. 😉

  3. While it’s hard to believe that SJ won’t make a substantial move after last year’s (or frankly the last few years)embarrasing playoff exit, I don’t see them making an offer for Heatley that the Sens will accept.

    I expect to see Heatley start the season as a Sen, but I have a hard time seeing him finish the season with Ottawa.

  4. I honestly see this Oilers trade being finished sometime soon. There are so few options for him at this point (as you’ve pointed out) and I don’t think he has the balls to come back to Ottawa and face the music. He’ll take a look at the landscape and realize that Edmonton is the only offer he’ll get from Murray (don’t f*ck with Murray) and take it. All we’ll ask is that Gator make the trip out west, too, to rightfully retire an Oiler. Cap space and Fat Penner are headed our way.

  5. Senschirp is reporting we signed Kovalev.

    Interesting if true …

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