Stevenson Writes a Good One.

Chris Stevenson, of the Ottawa Sun, wrote a nice piece on this whole “Delusional Dany Heatley” issue.

He raises a very good point.

In previous Player vs. Club disputes, money was the issue, even if a contract was in place.

This time, it’s control over the actual running of the club. Heatley, by demanding a trade AFTER Clouston was hired to a long term deal (no coincidence) is defacto saying he has the right to choose who he plays under. He furthers this scenario by not only demanding a trade, but also stipulating where he will go, and therefore, reducing the GM’s ability to work on behalf of his club, but rather, to work on behalf of Heatley.

Make no mistake, this is a massive turf war, that is not being overlooked by other GM’s.

Will it cost Heatley alternate offers, from “preferred” teams? Absolutely. Not only will “preferred” teams be taking on a malcontent, should they now pony up an offer to suit both Heatley and Murray, but they’ll also be tacitly supporting Heatley’s “coup” over management. Basically, they’ll be cutting of their nose to spite their face.

So, what’s the difference between say, SJ offering up an acceptable package, and EDM? We’ll, EDM isn’t a “preferred” team. By going to EDM, Heatley, at least in part, appears to pay a cost for having demanded this trade. By going to his “preferred” team, he appears to actually control his fate, contract or no, and every other player (agent) playing under contract will feel, at their desire, they can move about the league at their whimsy, contract be damned…that is their guaranteed “play-cheque” in the NHL, not with the team who signed it.

That is untenable, and would represent a complete reversal since the days of NHL clubs blindly taking advantage of players, before the days of the NHLPA, to now the players blindly taking advantage of the NHL.

This is a line in the sand…and I’d be surprised to see any club cross it, because then they’ll be viewed in the same light as Heatley, when facing their NHL counterparts.




7 Responses to “Stevenson Writes a Good One.”

  1. Do you feel the agent is this case is doing a disservice for his client ..

    • Woozle man Says:

      Absolutely. I’ve posted on this already, but Heatley should definitely fire his agents; all their gambits and leaks to try and get leverage for their client have failed, and now Heatley’s name is mud. Wherever he plays, people will ask questions of his commitment to the team.

      • IF they are doing his bidding, against their advice, they will quit, to protect themsleves from his self destructive behaviour. An agent is exactly that, an agent of the players, his representative, not his boss. If Heatley wants to destroy himself, there is nothing they can do.
        If they were to quit now, without a resolution, they would potentially open themselves up to a breach of feduciary duty lawsuit, as they would be ;eaving Heatley twisting in the wind. The agents, if they did quit now, would have to be able to show clear damage to their reputations, that was, or could be shown to have impacted their ability to earn a living as an agent.
        Instead, they would likely quit after the fact, clear their name in doing so, and also avoid any potential lawsuit for abandoning Heatley at a critical time in his career.
        If Heatley is doing all of this under their guidance…and it all blows up? Well, if je can show “damages” to his reputation, and thus his earning potential (endorsements), he would be wise to sue them.
        I simply do not know if it’s one, the other, or both steering the Titanic right now.

  2. I’d disagree that the player is blindly taking advantage of the NHL. Heatley is arguing from a point of strength due to a contract he freely negotiated with the club. He isn’t trying to take advantage of the NHL or even his own GM – he’s not happy with where he is, and wants control over where he’s going so he can enjoy the next few seasons in a city that he likes. Probably so he doesn’t have to go through this mess again.

    • The error with your premise is that Heatley has a contract to play in Ottawa, not the NHL in general. When he makes a public statement which “damages” his value, he has ergo, damaged the Senators.
      If he demanded a trade, Murray refused to move him, and his play suffered as a result…then that’s life. But to go public…that’s not “good faith”, the cornerstone of any contract.
      What would happen if a team, no longer wanting a player, made him drive the Zambony in a clown suit between periods, and wear the mascot suit during the game? Contractually, they haven’t broken the rules, right? But it is so lacking in “good faith” that, legally,it would be considered “constructive dismaissal”, and the player could sue for breach of contract.
      To allow acts like Heatleys, and the one I displayed, would result in chaos, as contracts, or at least the spirit of them, would be rendered meaningless.
      When Heatley asked for that NMC, neither he, nor the team negotiated it’s inclusion within the context of this scenario. That is why this is “blindly” taking advantage of his contract, and thus the NHL.

  3. Darren .. that’s fine .. but there is a lot of arrogance that comes through from the words of J.P. Barry (I am paraphrasing).. ” I told Murray not to trade him to Edmonton before he there are other options”. Hence implying Edmonton was ok but he wants more choices. And why would Murray give them the luxury of choice ? He works for the sens.

    Are you Heatley or his agent btw ??:)

  4. Master of Puppets Says:

    The way Barry reports it they expected Murray to tell them here are your options – EDM has an offer, NYR has an offer, LA has an offer, regardless of who is offered, now where do you want to go? Ignore who or what is offered they don’t care who comes back they just wanted the cities where he could be traded. They expected Murray to take whats offered regardless of how insulting it may be.

    What a load of BS. Sorry Dany it doesn’t work that way the GM works for the Senators so is going to present the best possible offer for the organization, not give you a choice. It’s not like you’re 3rd or 4th liner here – if you were you’d be bought out or we’d take the bag of hockey pucks and call it a day. Un friggin real …

    GN: – From the Avalon as well, I consider Mt. Pearl my hometown although I’ve almost lived in Ottawa as long as I’ve lived there.

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