Word Has It…

The money isn’t an issue, per se.

Talk around the Senators is that Big Mel isn’t happy about having been forced to cut Denial Dany a big cheque, but if it can help translate his departure into more assets in return, he’ll consider it a reasonable investment.

Unlike Denial Dany, for Big Mel, winning is more important than money.

Indications are the biggest stumbling block in moving Dany remains his unwillingness to accept it’s not the Senators job to do whatever it takes to get him what he wants.  And as “preferred” teams prove their lack of interest, by looking elsewhere, one has to think someone in that cabal of kooks will figure it out.

Edmonton seems open to accepting Dany into the fold, and may be willing to sweeten the offer in recognition of the Senators monetary loss, should another option (a reimbursement) not be possible, or desired.

No, until Denial Dany comes to terms with his humblingly low (and only getting lower) value, this will drag on, to every ones exasperation.

How long will it take Denial Dany to accept reality?

Sheesh, give me an easy one, like what came first, the chicken or the egg?



4 Responses to “Word Has It…”

  1. I think it is a problem with the agents as much as it is with the player in this case. They want option for him to chose from .. They have options.. stay in Ottawa or move to Edmonton ..

    I am not sure how that resolves itself ..

  2. Eventually, one would believe (hope), in the absence of alternatives, even the most deluded individual would be able to accept reality.
    I suspect there may be one or more “preferred” teams still willing to take Heatley, at an absurdly low return, and the Delusional Dany Heatley is hoping he can out wait the Sens, should he remain steadfast in both his refusal to remain in Ottawa, or play in Edmonton.
    Considering Melnyks fiesty past, when challenged, I have no doubt Murray has the latitude to starve Heatley out, should he not be presented with a viable alternative.
    Are the Sens open to Heatley returning?
    I do not know, but, if I had to guess, I’d say yes, guardedly. They would prefer the deal to EDM, than deal with the drama a return of #15 would generate, but history has shown that reconciliation is possible, even in the most disfunctional circumstances.

  3. Of course .. they’ll take him back .. he’s an excellent player and a game breaker .. Also the interview with Spezza .. showed that he has friends on the roster and they’ll work with him ..
    I think Brian Murray will not do anything now .. It is up to the agents to find a destination and acceptable trade .. Then they’ll make a decision. I was reading JP Barry’s comments .. The guy is arrogant beyond belief .. they have to realize Brian Murray works for the Sens and not for their client. The choice of words was incredible. So much arrogance .. oblivion to reality ..

  4. I too wonder how much more effort Murray is going to put into finding an alternate deal.
    He may well say “Fine then, you go drum up an offer as good as EDM’s, and then I’ll listen, otherwise, get back to me when you’re ready to go to EDM, I’ve wasted enough time on you’re BS”.
    This reverses the onus, eliminates Barry’s ability to blame Murray to find an alternate deal, and reinforces the reality of the situation on the Heatley camp.
    It’s impossible to prove a negative, and so long as the “Denial Dany Heatley” camp leave it up to Murray to prove their isn’t an alternate deal, they’ll just go on thinking there is.
    Fine, go get it JP, and if you can’t find it…then shit or get off the pot already.

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