Shark Bait?

Let me be perfectly clear about this.  I am hearing absolutely NOTHING in relation to trades around Heatley.  In fact, with the recent “leak” of the EDM package, I would expect any negotiations, with anyone, will require all sides to uphold the highest degree of secrecy.

No doubt both the NHL, and NHLPA have expressed their displeasure at the fall-out of the EDM deal being made public prior to Heatleys final ruling on his acceptance.  It has done untold damage to so many, for nothing.

So, it is under this pretext, that I discuss SJ as a possible destination for Heatley.

Make no mistake, this is just the ramblings of a hockey nut, nothing more.  If anything that gets said here should come to fruition, it is pure coincidence, or reflects the undeniable strength of my hockey knowledge (lol).

As SJ is (presumably) on the “preferred” list, as presented to OTT by the Heatley Cabal, one has to wonder if discussions aren’t currently, or inevitable under way concerning a possible trade of the “Delusional Dany Heatley” to Silicone Valley.

Everybody knows the recent struggles of SJ to translate their regular season dominance into post season success.  It is also well known that, from a cap perspective, they have very little flexibility in improving their roster, without eliminating salary.  This was clearly highlighted by their inactivity on FA day.  It’s not that they didn’t want to do something, it’s that, like so many other teams, they couldn’t, due to salary commitments.

They did however re-sign rugged LW’er Ryan Clowe.  Ryan is a second line power forward, who brings an intriguing combination of crash and bang, with a fair set of hands.  Nobody is going to mistake him for Havlat, but, he’s no Chris Neil either.

Think Fisher, with a bit more size.

Clowe was being offered around the league prior to his signing, in hopes of shaking loose some sweeter fruit, but, nobody bit.

As I previously reported, SJ was one of the first teams to contact Murray with an interest in Heatley, but, apart from a lot of names being bandied back and fourth, nothing of merit ever materialized from the cash strapped Sharks.

Clowe may have resigned, but this does nothing to improve the teams scoring, post season experience, or chemistry needed to placate the frustrated NoCal fans.

And, at 3.5M per / 4yr., Clowe is considered by some to be somewhat over-paid.  Nothing horrendous, but not a “value” either.

Would Ottawa be interested in Clowe, should he be a part fo a package for Heatley?

Probably, as he adds a much needed physical dimension to the top six forward position, but nobody would expect him to replace anything more than a third of Heatleys offensive potential.  And that is an issue.

This would mean, in comparison to the EDM deal, Clowe would represent the Penner aspect of the deal, albeit at a smaller (-.750M) salary.

So, who would account for Cogs value in that package from EDM?  Cogs may be smallish, but he has a tonne of heart, skill and speed.  He was the crown jewel in that trade, if there was one.

What about Setoguchi?  Similar age, attributes, but with marginally smaller guaranteed salary, but more lucrative bonus structure.  Sure Setoguchi had better numbers last season, but he also played on a vastly more offensively talented roster.

He would be my pick as a 1 for 1 replacement of Cogs.

This leaves Smid.  He’s a tough one to get a handle on.  Some feel he has been a big disappointment thus far in his career, where as others point more to his development, and treatment by the Oilers as the issue, not his skill.

How about Vlasic?  Although he had a showing last season, he also had a solid group around him.  Think the Preissing effect.  How much of his stats are based on individual skill, vs role and roster?

One big difference is salary.  Smid is an RFA, where as Vlasic is signed through the 2012/13 season, with an average cap hit of 3.1M.

Does Vlasic represent the sort of player Ottawa needs on their already crowded blue line?  Maybe this year, but, with an already rather unphysical defense, it would be nice to have a bigger body back there if committed for another 3 seasons beyond that.  Smid is a big body, if nothing else.

But, beggars (on both sides) can’t be choosers.

So here’s my proposition to SJ;

1. IF OTT absorbs the 4m salary advance

Heatley, Smith ($10.1M)


Clowe, Setoguchi, Vlasic,  ($7.365M).

2. IF OTT passes along the $4M to SJ.

Heatley (7.5M)


Clowe, Setoguchi, Vlasic (7.365M)

IF this deal was ever presented to OTT, I have no doubt “Denial Dany Heatley” would finaly have his “options”.




6 Responses to “Shark Bait?”

  1. Master of Puppets Says:

    SJ are closer to the cap than we are they need space – so either we take 2 or 3 mill back – or it won’t happen.

    I really like Clowe – being from the rock myself is a bit of a bias (though I like Penner and Bertuzzi too – nothing wrong with a 6ft-3+ BMF)

    I see Marleau, Clowe and Cheechoo for Kelly and Heatley what’s that 12.8M for 9.6M?

    Call it crazy but SJ needs cap space more than we do and this type of deal gives us the top 6s – (Not Cheechoo – he is probably the bust in here). To think he’ll hit 20goals again is wishful thinking – he’s pulled a Gionta IMHO – a one hit wonder. Plus Marleau is UFA after this season so he can walk or be traded in March if he doesn’t work.

    But they won’t move Clowe, so this has about 1 in 100M chance of happening.

    At any rate I see SJ moving salary – either Cheechoo or Marleau or both.

    Maybe a 3 way with EDM as someone suggested on SC …

    – MOP

    • Murray has been interested in Marleau before, so Yeah, I would see Marleau coming back to balance out cap if it were to happen.

      I would want Michalek back.

      Here is my proposal:


      1st rd pick in 2010


      Kelly or Smith

      On another note:

      Defensively, we could have the best back end in the league in a few years, with Karlsson, Cowen, and Weirioch, and Leclaire stopping the pucks.

      for chuckles though, I would take Thorton straight up for Heater 🙂

      The Sens would have two of the best “dish” masters in the league.

      • Master of Puppets Says:

        SJ won’t take a D – esp Smith with Blake – they’ve already got a ‘spensive back end – #7 D makes 1.7M.
        Michalek, Vlasic and Marleau are 13.4M, Heatley and Kelly 9.6M. Since 4M of this year is in Heatleys jeans already I can see a pick being offered or something else. Theres nothing not to like about this one but again a technicolour dream. Wilson would have to take leave of his senses.

        Cheechoo would be in there instead of Michalek.

        A 3 way with EDM – Cheechoo and Marleau to EDM, Heatley in SJ with Sens getting Penner, Cogliano and one of Smid + pick or MPS.

        There could be other loose bits, late picks or something thrown in as feel good tokens.

        SJ sheds 1.8M salary – gets a sniper for 3 years (until he gets sick of Cali and wants out to broadway).

        EDM gets a decent name player (30+ g scorer) and one time 56 g scorer who needs a set of glasses to find the net again – but at 3M for 12 goals instead of 4.25M for 17 (a la Penner).

        Ottawa gets out of this gong show with some return that could benefit – cap room, skilled prospect, big MF who could play 2nd line and score 20-30g. Or another D for the pile and a future pick.

        My guess is EDM and SJ work something out and we’re left holding the bag. I hate being pessimistic but the reality is Heatley’s character and price/length of the contract are really the obstacles. That and he won’t play in Siberia err Edmonton

  2. Don’t forget, SJ doesn’t have to stop at the Heater trade. OTT is unlikely to take a lessor package because SJ wants to be done in one move.
    If a package similar to the one in EDM is produced, a deal can be done, otherwise, I doubt the Sens will pay 4M and take on a salary dump like Marleau or Cheechoo. If SJ wants Heater, making room under the cap is there issue, not Ottawa’s. If they can’t fit him in, without hurting their team…then so be it. But to hurt the Sens, to accomodate Heatley and SJ’s needs, is pure masochism, not sound management, IMO.
    Hey Puppet Master, where on the Rock? I have family from the Avalon Peninsula, I’m a big lover of Newfoundland.

  3. We also have to consider that while SJ wants to shake it up, I’m not sure they’d be up for the three for one deal that Edmonton had. They’re going to want to dump Marleau in the last year of his contract, which is fine because he’s far better than Penner. Then give us a young guy like a Setoguchi and some other small salary so that we end up taking a million or two extra. I just don’t see us getting away with not taking Marleau back. I’m for it. Keeps Fat Penner off our team, too.

    • Marleau is certainly a posibility, but the issue would be it basically turns into a one for one, and there’s no doubt Heatley represents far an away the better of the two players.
      If it were Marleau, Setoguchi and a top prospect, it could be doable.
      But, it would require SJ to reimburse OTT the 4M advance. Otherwise, they dump Marleau, gain Heatley, save 4M, and all it costs them is Setoguchi and a prospect.
      THAT would be highway robbery, IMO.

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