Perception IS Reality.

In a world of endless media coverage, based upon “controlled” information, professional sports know they can dictate “reality”, by controlling the fans perception.

Let’s face it, apart from those directly involved, more often than not, nobody ever gets the straight goods on any situation.

Why did Pronger really leave EDM?

Why did Bertuzzi really attack Moore?

Why was Nolan fired from Buffalo?

We all have versions of the truth but, apart from those directly involved, nobody REALLY knows the whole story.

Now add to this the “Delusional Dany Heatley” fiasco.

If it is true, that one can sculpt perception, to create a desired “reality”, then somebody in the Heatley Cabal needs to brush up on their P.R. skills.

No doubt much of this, from both camps, is spin.

“Facts” derived from half truths and obfuscation.

But, if you examine the information being released from the 2 NHL clubs involved, you will notice a far more “constructive” demeanor. Sure, they try to come off like they’ve done nothing wrong but, unlike the Heatley Cabal, they draw the line at actually accusing the other side of any specific act. As a result, Delusional Dany comes off looking, well, delusional, while OTT and EDM come off looking victimized, and in Murrays case, directly slandered.

Delusional Dany is losing this war of attrition on all fronts. Apart from his clinging to his contractual NMC rights, he has been repeatedly outmenouvered, and out “spun”. All at his expense, should his reputation matter to him.

It is inconceivable that the relationship between Heatley and all or part of his management team remain intact after this debacle.

Either one or both agents quit, if in fact Heatley is the one calling the shots, against their advice, purely in an effort to insulate their professional reputation(s) from the terrible optics of this drama.

Or Heatley fires one or both of his agents for gross mismanagement of his reputation.

Until then, one can only assume they are all in this together, thick as thieves.

Unfortunately for them, the only ones getting robbed  are themselves, of their reputations.


2 Responses to “Perception IS Reality.”

  1. It truly is a sad state of affairs to watch this heroic player be brought to such shame. Don’t get me wrong, I’m enjoying watching the collapse, but it is truly an incredible thing to see. Never have so many outlets taken the same side in a public feud. I can’t think of a single person or group that is saying ‘yeah, I think JP Barry makes a great point there’. I know they’ve been around the game for a while, but Murray and Tambellini are showing that the old boys network still gets their way. When this is all over, I’m not sure how Heatley can continue on with CAA Sports as his representation, unless they start a PR division this summer and use this as their first project.

  2. Andy Strickland has an Anti-Murray blog post…but it is so absolutely lacking in credibility it appears to be more of an attempt at gaining notice by being contrarian than actual presenting valid opinion.

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