“More Options”

JP Barry keeps throwing out this term…”more options” in reference to his demands that Murray not present his client with just one from EDM.

The thing is, for anyone with an ounce of brain power, this makes no rational sense.

What, is Dany evaluating the quality of the players involved?

No, what would he care?

So, ergo, what Barry is effectively saying, but will not actually say, in hopes of the ‘ol BS baffles brains theory working, is that Heatley wants a different offer.

If this is in fact the truth, why would he allow Murray to even bother having discussions with EDM, as he even admits to having done.

Because he knew, and knows, there are no other legitimate options for his client.

This is why he (presumably) leaked the EDM deal to the media.

So when you read this “more options” B.S., recognize it for what it is, a thinly veiled “give me an offer from a “preferred” team”.

Nobody believes for a second, that if an offer from the preferred list, no matter it’s content, was presented along side that of the EDM Oilers, Dany would have actually considered both.  That’s just insulting to even attempt to sell.

Barry, maybe the “Jedi Mind Trick” works on Heatley, but seriously man, by actually putting this out there, you’re calling us all stupid.



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