Another Day, Another Pair Of Teams Move On.

Well Dany, seems your undeniable charm has forced 2 more teams to make the biggest mistakes in their franchises histories, and not trade for you.

Imagine that.

Who would have ever seen that coming, eh Dany boy?

LA trades for heart and soul guy Ryan Smyth, and SJ lock up rugged winger Clowe.

The armchair speculation will certainly continue, as will Murrays efforts to find the right deal to settle this issue, but it is becoming painfully obvious Heatley has not just eroded his trade value, he’s all but eliminated it.

I have to be honest and say, I don’t get the “I won’t play in Edmonton” mentality.  Sure, it is not a world class city, but neither are Ottawa or Calgary.  But they are each fine cities n their own ways, and besides, much of a players time is spent either on the road, at practice, or free as a bird during the off season.

Maybe it’s his girlfriend demanding a more “world-class” life style…I dunno, but if that is the case…she may be even more shallow than Psycho15.

Eventually even Denial Dany won’t be able to miss the writing on the wall, and accept he has, once again, made a mess of things.

Poor little rich boy…my heart bleeds.



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