The More Things Change…

The more they stay the same.

If anything has been displayed through all of this, whether you like it or not, Murray is the boss.

The Heatley camp has tried to twist, pressure and embarrass Murray into doing their bidding, and all to no avail.

As more and more comes out, the more the truth of the matter seems to be this;

Heatley, and his camp, expected Murray to give in, and present to them an a deal to one of their preferred teams.

They believed, if they dug in their heels, Murray would overlook the fact that the Edmonton deal was the best move for the club, and thus, considering it was Dany who initiated this process, the best compromise solution, he would, if pressured, present one of the lessor, unacceptable offers, to a destination more to Psycho15’s liking.

But he didn’t budge, he didn’t even twitch.

Will Heatley be back.

The message out of the Sens, both publicly, and behind closed doors is, quite possibly.  Those within the organization have been told to not do or say anything to preclude this possibility.

Do they really believe it is a viable option for all parties involved.

That remains unknown.

But what is known, is that Psycho15 is on the clock, and so far, while under the most leverage they had to apply, Murray remained firmly behind his organization.

Tick, tock Dany



2 Responses to “The More Things Change…”

  1. Woozle man Says:

    I already posted this in a reply to a thread below, but I think it might be interesting for folks to read this again:

    Pierre Lebrun’s article makes for interesting reading, and pretty much fingers J.P Barry as guilty of gross misconduct in his duties as an agent in this god awful soap opera:

    Some choice Barry quotes:

    “Bryan insists that he never really had any other options, which I completely disagree with,” Barry told on Thursday from Stockholm, where he went to broker the Sedin twins’ deals. “I believe there were several potential options. I think it was clearly their intent to trade him to Edmonton and only Edmonton. That was the approach they took.”

    What’s the motive though? Revenge? Even the most amateur of agents would know that a GM will try to maximize his team’s return in any trade. Excluding any other trading partners makes no sense as it limits the potential return. This is clearly misdirection. What he actually meant was: we wanted to hold out until Bryan Murray accepted an offer to a team Heatley wanted to go to.

    “I specifically told him two days ago, long before the trade happened, ‘Do not trade him to Edmonton until you have other options.’ And he turned around and consummated the trade despite my request. The result of which is that I get a phone call from a guy that I really respect in Steve Tambellini, who was excited, and I had to inform him what happened.”

    “I think it was completely mishandled by [Murray]. It was a pressure tactic. He loaded up the gun and put the gun against our heads.”

    “Based on my understanding of the discussions that took place with the Rangers, the options the Rangers provided were every bit as good, or better, than the options provided by Edmonton,” Barry said. “But I’m sure Bryan has a different opinion of that.”

    “We advised Bryan continually that Dany requires more than one option [team] to make a decision and, as of last night, we still only had one option, so he still wasn’t able to make a decision, given that there still was only one option in front of him,” Barry said.

    The Sens were clearly motivated to make a trade to avoid making the 4M payment, as long as they got something good in return. Why would Bryan Murray withhold any offers that made sense for the Senators? Barry clearly did not know what the other offers were, or is vastly inflating the Rangers offer. Either way, it’s duplicitous.

    A Rangers source said Thursday the team did make “a competitive offer,” although a Senators source insists it wasn’t as good as Edmonton’s three-player package, saying, “We couldn’t even get a 13-goal scorer in the deal.”

    This is telling. Dubinsky scored 13 goals last year, so neither he nor Callahan was involved. God, it must have been a really crappy offer, probably Rozsival and Kaurpikoski, plus maybe Anisimov or Grachev. Pathetic.

    Given what we know about the offers made, and the info in Lebrun’s article, J.P Barry looks REALLY bad; his advice has put Heatley into a very uncomfortable position, and will make it difficult to ply his trade. From the GMs perspective, this story serves as a strong argument against offering a blanket NMC to anyone.

    While Barry might argue that he was just acting in his client’s best interests, by not seeing this current acrimonious stalemate as a potential (even likely) outcome, I think he’s really screwed his client’s career. Heatley should fire him at the very least.

  2. I read that a couple nights ago…it certainly contained quotes from Barry that I hadn’t read elsewhere.
    No doubt much of this, from both camps, is spin. Facts derived from half truths and obfuscation. But, if you examine the information being released from the organizations, you will notice a far more “constructive” demeanor. Sure, they come off like they’ve done nothing wrong, but they draw the line at actually accusing the other side of any specific act. As a result, Delusional Dany comes off looking, well, delusional, while OTT and EDM come off looking victimized.
    Delusional Dany is losing this war of attrition on all fronts. Apart from his clinging to his contractual NMC rights, he has been repeatedly outmenouvered, and out “spun”. All at his expense, should his reputation matter to him.
    It is inconceivable that the relationship between Heatley himself, and all or part of his management team remain intact after this debacle.
    Either someone quits, if Heatley is the one calling the shots, in an effort to insulate their reputation from the terrible optics of this drama, or Heatley fires one or both of his agents, for gross mismanagement of his reputation.
    Until then, one can only assume they are all in this together, thick as theirves.

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