The Latest On Heatley

1. Melnyk spoke today on SNet’s Hockey Central, and made it clear he was shocked by Heatleys choices, insulted at the insinuation Murray did not try to find a deal with an “approved” team, and made clear this situation has had impact on personal lives far beyond Dany Heatleys.

2. EDM maintains they are still interested in Dany Heatley, and are awaiting his final decision about coming to Ottawa.  He admits the ball is back into Murray and Heatleys court.  It is widely believed a special exception will be available to OTT in being reimbursed for the advance they have already paid Heatley, if a deal is executed prior to the start of the regular season.

3. Both OTT & EDM are angry about the quick release of the terms of the proposed deal.  Hmmm, if Tambo’s pissed, and Melnyk is pissed…well, that just leaves one other party.  Yup, the Heatley camp.  Word on the street is that this deal was leaked by the Heatley camp in the hopes that it would force a “preferred” team to pony up a matching, or improved offer.  A nice try, unfortunately, they failed to accept the reality that, Dany, “they’re just not that into you”.

What will it take for them to get it…the more you trash your clients reputation, the less desireable he is.  How is this not already obvious.  Who are these clowns?

So not only did Heatley publicly throw the Sens under the bus with their use of the media in order to poison the Ottawa market against Heatley, thus forcing Murrays hands (or so they thought), but they also threw the Oilers, their fans, and the players involed under the bus, all in their obscene, blind pursuit of their own selfish desires.

Psycho15 strikes again.

Does he have any integrity?

Does he care?

Not if he’s a narcissist.



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