The Knives Coming Out?

Yeah, he’s loved by his team-mates…or so the Heatley camp would have you think.
But, in such a turbulent situation, why would any Sens player go on record concerning this fiasco?
Because, they too are sick of Heatley throwing everything and everyone within reach onto his funeral pyre.
“If Dany wants to come back we’re going to accept him. We want him to be a part of our team. If he doesn’t want to be here, I think it’s just important for him to move on and the organization to move on. We just want to win here.” said Spezza.
If he’s going to say that much publicly, what’s being said in private?
According to Murray, Heatley is a Senator, and presumably, should an acceptable deal not materialize, one that compensates for the 4M payment, he will be expected to honour the terms of his contract with the Ottawa Senators.
I have to say, Murray has much better composure than I would have had.


One Response to “The Knives Coming Out?”

  1. Atta boy Spezza, people rip him all the time about not being mature, well I guess he’s not the baby on the team. Man is his wedding going to be awkward for Heater and Co, especially after Neiler is now being portrayed as the great guy who took less money to stay in Ottawa. Heatley dug this hole for himself, now let’s see if he can climb out of it now that even his teammates think he’s being a prima donna

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