That was the only word he could use to describe it, his feelings on the Heatley refusal to accept a deal to Edmonton.

“This may well have a ripple effect through-out the entire NHL.  All players requesting NMC’s will now be held in the light of these bizarre events…”

As a pro scout, he has seen a lot, heard a lot, and even been involved in a lot of sordid situations involving players and clubs, and their often tumultuous relationships.

“But this is unprecedented.  I mean, here’s a guy that has gone from Team Canada lock, to class clown, and for what?  Because he feels taken advantage of by being asked to play hard?  Let’s be clear about something, when that is the issue, there are major problems, even before all of this trade BS.  Nobody wants a player that beleives he’s owed ice time, then add to that a guy who, at what appears to be the drop of a hat, single handedly sends his franchise into a blackhole, that’s not simply unprofessional, it’s disgusting.”

So, will anyone take him?

“In professional sports anything can happen.  Look at T.O., look at Kobe, there are no shortage of reclaimation projects.  But, I’ve yet to hear anyone say anything positive about Dany Heatley in the last 48 hrs.  Will time, and maybe a dose of desperation temper the attitude floating around him right now, well I guess that remains to be seen.  Heatleys camp are banking on it, but I’m not so sure, and even if an offer does come, it will be deeply discounted…”

What would you do with him?

“Fit him with goalie pads, and say”there you go, you’re our new back-up goaltender”, then I’d line up each player with a bucket of pucks, and let them practice their slap-shots…”

“The fact is, Melnyk, as hard as it will be to do, can afford to write that check.  That won’t particularly hurt that organization, in fact, it may garner them some extra ticket sales if they handle this right.  But, the emotional side of handing Dany that money, that’s another thing altogether, that’s where this has gotten very personal.  At the end of the day, Melnyk has the time, and resources, to do whatever it takes to starve Dany Heatley out.  If this is in fact a trench war, well, Melnyks trench is on a beach in Barbados, where as Dany’s will become increasingly more uncomfortable with every passing day.”

There you have it.  Nothing “inside”, just a personal view, from someone making a living as an NHL scout.



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