So Now What?

Who knows?  Seriously.

We’re breaking new ground here.

Never before, has a player publicly demanded a trade, then invoked his no trade to demand he not be traded…and force the team he demanded a trade from, to pay him half of his salary, in advance of trading him.

This is insane.  I’m not saying that facetiously.

This is actually insane.

Does Melnyk sue him for constructive breach of contract?

Does Heatley retire and go to Europe to play?

Does the NHL attempt to suspend him?

Do GM’s collude to blackball him?

Does a GM make a pitch the Sens will accept?

Does Melnyk give in to a bad deal, just to rid himself of Heatleys stench?

Does Heatley donate the 4M to an Ottawa charity as a sign of good faith, and character in a bid to mend fences?

Does Dany beg for forgiveness and attempt to come back to Ottawa?

Does Dany refuse to report, if not traded, and accept being suspended, and thus likely forgo the Olympics?

Let’s be honest here…this is a journey, in unmapped territory, with what appears to be a lunatic at the wheel.

All bets are off.

This is truly insane.

But, here’s one question for you.

If you were a GM, would you sign onto the crazy train for a 5 year hitch?



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