Team Canada: Heatley In, Spezza Out.

Heatley, despite his petulant behaviour, received his Team Canada invite today, alongside his 4M cheque from the Senators.

But not so for Jason Spezza.

There is a log jam at centre, and Spezza, after a series of poor club team performances, appears to have failed to catch the eye of the T.C. brain trust.

Frankly, on a purely selfish note, I’m glad to have Spezza get spurned.  Add it to the indications that Spezza, although dazzlingly talented, needs to develop his all around game to be considered among Canada’s elite centreman.  Because no doubt, if he had a more well rounded game, he would have been invited.  But, as a primarily offensive player, he put himself in among a list of many, rather than few.

He will become that complete player, and this may well provide the “kick in the pants” he needs to scrabble over that hump, and into super-stardom.  And if he does, he may well still get that invite before the puck drops in Vancouver.  But, for these games at least, it’s now or never.

As for Heatley, we all know this was a given, as much as we would have relished his having been excluded.  I’m going to take it as a positive, and hope that TC’s having shown faith in him will generate a trade offer that is acceptable to both Melnyk and Heatley.

I want his bloated carcass out of Ottawa, the stench is becoming unbearable.



2 Responses to “Team Canada: Heatley In, Spezza Out.”

  1. I thought Spezza turned the corner with Clouston and also had a strong W.C. and deserved at least an invite, especially over guys like Marleau, Macdonald, Lucic and Cleary.

  2. Again, it’s role. If he was more multi-dimentional, he would have been invited.
    I agree his game improved under Clouston, but, considering Canada’s depth at centre, it wasn’t enough…yet.

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