A Sad Tale Of Destruction…

What if I told you the murder of one man, resulted in the death of over 70 million people.

Would you believe me?

Would it seem impossible?

Unfortunately, it’s true.

And it goes to show how, one single event, can cause the spark necessary to ignite a powder keg of circumstances, beyond all reasonable explanation.

Is Dany’s behaviour that spark.

I know, it seems too hard to believe, this one event, could result in wide-spread destruction.

But 70 MILLION deaths.  That’s hardly a momentary accident.  That’s a trench war.

The NHL is facing profound financial issues, even without the recent downturn, and impending cap reduction.

The frustration among owners and GM’s with the current contractual rights of players, and their growing control over club decisions, is already at a boiling point.

Now, insert Dany Heatley, instituting what could only be described as the “Armageddon” scenario of Player vs. Team dynamics, and make no mistake, owners are getting restless.

The major issue is not necessarily movement clauses.  These, as unpalatable as they may be, are negotiated.

The issue is guaranteed contracts.

This, more than anything else, is what gives Heatley his power.  He knows, barring refusing to honour his contract, he can behave however he likes, and still get paid.

Heatley isn’t the first to raise this issue, but he may well be the most threatening.  He may well be the example every owner can relate to, every owner can lose sleep over.

The NHLPA can’t be happy.

Agents can’t be happy.

Players can’t be happy.

But, like it or not, they’re all in it together.  And, if this one, relatively, minor drama sends sparks into the powder…well, we’ve all seen what can happen when reason, and constructive discourse kneel before anarchy and self-preservation.

Dany Heatley = Archduke Ferdinand?

Don’t be surprised.



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