What A Narcissist…Seriously.

What is Narcissism?

“A pattern of traits and behaviors which signify infatuation and obsession with one’s self to the exclusion of all others and the egotistic and ruthless pursuit of one’s gratification, dominance and ambition.”

Heatley, you are coming off like a lunatic.

Who in their right mind goes out of their way to demand a trade, then changes his mind?

Because, I honestly think that’s what he’s done, on some level.

He thinks he’s coming back.

Or at least thinks he could, if he wanted/had to.

He threw a tantrum, demanded a trade when nobody kissed his ass, then, when nobody wanted him, except the Oilers, suddenly, Ottawa doesn’t look so bad.

But you burned the bridge Dany…the rest of us live in the real world.

You crossed a line, you are hated.

Dany, you have just done a bang-up job a screwing yourself over…again.

As Sens fans…we’ve possibly improved our return on Psycho15. It’ll cost EDM more than Smid now…think a #1 or MPS, but, they’re going to pull out, because, unlike Heatley, they’re not insane.

Seriously, all joking aside, has he lost his faculties?

I’m not joking.

This is not sane behaviour.


I suspect McAlpine may have told Heater, now that all the premier players are gone, a deal is sure to arrive from a more desireable team.

Or maybe one already has.  A bad one.

But causing potential damage  to OTT, the team, and city, that rescued him from having to face his team-mates, after having been responsible for the death of one of their own, and his best friend, doesn’t appear to matter to Dany.

Heatley, as his past has clearly displayed, lacks the ability to concern himself with the fate of those around him.

Dany, concerns himself with Dany.

Nothing else matters.

Some may feel I’m being unfair.  The fact remains, I speak the truth, as ugly as it may be.

It is not my responsibility to mitigate the reality of Dany’s actions, that is Dany’s responsibility.  A thing, responsibility, he seems loathe, or unable, to accept.

McAlpine may be right…but, in all likelyhood, he’s wrong, and it may cost Heatley his career.

Dany Heatley, among NHL GM’s, will be made an example of.

Any deal that did exist, may well disappear, just like Heatleys integrity.

He may well be used as a cautionary tale for all others attempting to hold teams hostage in a selfish, and frankly, insane, demand for absolute control.

This cannot be tolerated, and to do so, would be completely self destructive on the part of the NHL.

Dany, do you understand what you’re doing to yourself?

Do you understand the gravity of your actions?

Do you believe you can just toy with the fans who spend so much of their hard earned money, and emotions on you?

What about those kids wearing the Heatley sweaters? You know, the ones you professed to want to reach out to?

Are they just another casualty in the ever swinging wrecking ball that your mere presence has become?

You believe people want you around them?

Face it Dany, you are a pathological narcissist who leaves behind you a twisted mass of wreckage where ever you go.

Honestly Dany, what more will it take for you to face reality?

You need help, and not the kind that gets a % of your income.



2 Responses to “What A Narcissist…Seriously.”

  1. Absolutely.
    But now what?

    Heater in camp? Or does he sit?

  2. At this point, based upon his apparent lack of a grasp on reality, he shows up If not traded (which, I do not think is possible, especially depending on the tone of the discussion with EDM, who will go out of their way to throw him under the bus among their management peers), he stolls into camp, like nothing major has happened.
    I think this dude has lost it…for real.
    Nobody around him has the balls to reel him in, or, they too have lost touch with reality.
    It seems he simply cannot fathom that he has done anything deserving of criticism.
    But this has gone beyond mere criticism, he has become a joke, a clown.
    He is, quite possibly, worthless.
    He has painted himself into a corner, and like a child, simply cannot understand what went wrong.
    In fact, he doesn’t seem able to realize he’s painted into a corner.
    He is out of touch with reality.
    It’s actually kind of sad.
    The guys life has been a mess, and this is simply one more chapter.
    If you were a GM, would you want him for 5 more years?

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