Things Falling Into Place?

T Minus 00:42.00

Sedins re-up in VanCity for 6.3M 6.1M each.  That shows the money is still going to flow for elite talent, rendering Heatleys 7.5M into the “reasonable” category.

Remaining Competition for Heatley’s elite offensive role;




All of whom, like Heatley, come with some baggage.  Of that list, Hossa represents the pick of the litter, and if he has already turned down a long term deal at 5M, in DET, you know it will take big money to pry him away from that deal, which is still on the table from DET.

If even one more of those players drops from the UFA list, Heatleys value will sky-rocket in advance of 12:00 p.m.

Supply and demand baby, supply and demand.



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